2012 Resolutions

In year 2011 is the great year for me as I have trying new stuff on making money.

Tried internet marketing and forex trading… In the end… Internet marketing made me the most money and proven to give me more freedom.

So in year 2012, I will focus purely on Internet Marketing.

The number one problem I found in marketing on the internet is driving traffic. In order to scale up my marketing campaign, I need a lot of traffic.

As for the last few years, I am doing free traffic, list building and email marketing in a few niches. My advertising cost is very little, but more effort and time is needed. This give me a lot of limitation to expand my online business.

As my foundation is there, in year 2012, I have decided to go full force by using paid traffic and sending them to CPA Offers. I feel that sending them to CPA is easier to convert than CPS Offers which I am doing previously.

My Goal in year 2012,

  • Make consistent $20,000 USD ($700/day) nett profits every single month in CPA Marketing.
  • Attend at least 1 affiliate submit.
  • Become the super affiliate in Neverblue.
  • Lose 20 KG and maintain at 75 kg. (Current weight – 95kg).
  • Change my current car, Opel Tigra to White Porsche Boxster.
  • Own 1 property to give me positive cash flow every month.
  • Holiday Trips to Japan, Taiwan, China and USA.

That’s all for now.

I hope to hear from you about your goals too! Let me know by commenting below.

Wish you a have a prosperous 2012 ahead!