CPA Marketing Business Finally Began!

After the Google Adwords suspension 4 days ago, I was so down…

Feeling like the end of affiliate marketing? or the end of the world?

So I’m finding ways to get back on track to find new ways to drive traffic.

I have been consulting Ivan Ong, my buddy for this CPA Marketing business model. He’s an expert and also a super affiliate in this area in Singapore.

And today I can say, I have accomplished a lot of milestones these 4 days while others are relaxing during the holiday season.

1) Neverblue Affiliate account finally approved! thanks to Andrew Wee, my helpful affiliate manager.
2) Got BeyondHosting and CPVLab set up through Ivan Ong‘s recommendation.
3) Sign up AffPlaybook to learn all the strategies to get started in CPA Marketing using PPV.
4) Select A CPA Affiliate Offer in Neverblue CPA Network with the help of Andrew Wee’s affiliate campaign’s report.
5) Figuring out how to use CPVLab and successfully setup the tracking link for my Affiliate CPA Offer.
6) Sign up LeadImpact Ad Network which is a CPV/PPV Network and fund $200 to test the selected Affiliate CPA Offer.

Now awaiting for LeadImpact to approve my keywords to start the campaign running…

That’s all for now… It’s 5 AM in Singapore. I’m sleeping soon.

See ya..