Lifestyle Freedom Event Full House

It’s FULL House! (Singapore Only)

Tomorrow is my last day of this week to organise such a content pack ‘CHANGE your LIFE’ event.

Next week, there won’t be any event as I’m heading to Malaysia this weekend for a week for my friend’s wedding dinner.

Seriously, it’s FULL house on Tuesday.

Attendees had to stand behind and the side of the room for the whole session.

I’m really respect for those who spend their 2 hours in the evening with us after their tired day in the afternoon.

I can see that they have a burning desire to find ways to CHANGE their life.


I apologized for the small room as we are trying hard to find a BIGGER venue.

So to solve this issue, we decided to open 2 sessions instead.

Session 1: 7pm to 8.20pm

Session 2: 8.30pm to 9.50pm

Hope this will solve the space issue temporary.

If you were to come late, I cannot guarantee you to have a seat, even through you have reserve your seat.

First come first serve when the speaker starts speaking.

So be early and contact me when you reach.

Now go to this page to register for the Lifestyle Freedom Event.

*Once you have registered, my personal contact number will be revealed. SMS me if you are coming for session 1 or session 2.

Talk soon.