My New Nephew

If you have read my email last week, I just promoted to Uncle!

Yup, my elder sister just gave birth to a baby boy.

I’m feel older when someone call me Uncle Edmund. -_-|||

Anyhow, for all my uncles, aunts, cousins, friends and as promised to all my loyal subscribers, here’s a sneak preview my nephew’s pic.

Edmund Toh's Nephew

Cute right?

You know what, when my sister gave birth to a baby boy… and I soon become a uncle… At that moment, something hit my mind.

An image of birth, life and death fill my mind.

I started thinking…

Life for everyone is the same. We all go through the cycle of birth, life and death.

When our parents have sex, soon… or luckily we are able to make it by swimming to the egg in the ovary. We waited for 9 months. We climb out and we are able to breathe like a normal human being.

After that… we grow up learn how to eat, drink, sleep, walk and talk… then we go study and go through an education system.

We graduated and go even higher education… some of us who are unfortunate, because of not enough money or not capable enough to study, stuck at some mid level education. Then we go though another phrase of life.

“Find work to earn money”

At this stage our life actually begins.

We started to work… and reality hit us.

Last time when we are young, we dream big. Everything is possible. but the longer we start working… work life sucks… our dream become smaller and smaller. Some of us don’t even dare to dream. It’s like when young, you say you want to own a Ferrari car… but after working, owning a Toyota you are already feeling lucky and say… “Yeah I own a car”.

And every month,ย  we just make sure that we have enough money to pay bills and feed ourselves and our family.

Are you feeling the same as what I describe above right now?

If you are… I’m sorry.

Because this means that you are going through a symptom call “Dream Disorder Syndrome”.

All right… there’s nothing of this syndrome in the dictionary. I made it up, but do you think this name suit the scenario which I have just described? ๐Ÿ˜‰


What my point is…

When you are living, you have a choice.

You can choose to live a life or live in the cage.

Don’t you want to gain financial freedom and really living the lifestyle that you ever wanted?

If you have decided to live a life.

Can you promise me one thing?

Watch this 29 minute 19 second video.

I’m sure this can CHANGE YOUR LIFE just the way it changed mine!

Good luck!