Singapore Only – The Lifestyle Freedom Event

Just an update of what’s I’m currently doing these few months.

If you have seen my facebook, you will see some of the things that I have been doing.

I have been building up my business empire while I was traveling.

That’s why I’m not always in Singapore.

This is a sneak peep of how it’s look like when you are able to ‘Escape the 9 – 5, Live Anywhere and Work Anywhere’

Edmund Lifestyle Freedom
(this is when I was checking one of my business’s income stats online while suntanning at W Retreat & Spa Villa, Bali.

Many of my family members and friends are curious how I do it.

Most of them are still struggling and complaining about their lives, their jobs, having no money and no time.

I feel helpless that I can’t really help them out as I’m always traveling around.

When traveling, I always been thinking on

‘How to help them?’

So after months of traveling, meeting entrepreneurs around the world, meeting different people from different countries, spending time to talk to them, I have a BIGGER Mission.

To help whoever sincerely needs my help and I will help them to: ‘Escape the 9 – 5, Live Anywhere and Join the NEW RICH’

This MISSION you may be thinking that it’s impossible.

But I have seen some of my close friends who are BIG TIME entrepreneur have already done it.

So I conclude that it is POSSIBLE.

When I interviewed them what make them so successful today?

They always have one common answer.

Their business have a PROVEN simple system that average people are able to operate it.

Last few months, I had spent my time to research and studied about systems all over the world.

You know what?

I have found it!

A system that is easily implemented by average people.

So I immediately create a team together to organize an Event to show you the system.

The information revealed in this event can literally CHANGE you LIFE.

The event is tomorrow.

I know it’s a short notice but if you are not happy with your current life that you are having right now, and you have the desire to change it, I suggest that you go to this page to secure your seat now.

The event is in Singapore Only.

Sorry for those who are residing in other countries.

I am building it and currently expanding.

Once I’m ready to organized the event in your country, I will inform you.

Anyhow, go to this page to sign up now:

Make sure that you key in the right information to receive the actual venue.

As the event will be FULL house, I only want serious people to secure your attend.

Only Secure Your Seat when you are serious about it.

Good luck!

See you at the event,
Edmund Toh
Lifestyle Freedom Entrepreneur