Empower Network: $278.77 Nett Profit Per Day on Autopilot

Results are not typical.  Please see average earnings hereEmpower Network Independent Affiliate


For the last 5 days, I am real busy with a new workshop held in Singapore as I’m engaged as one of the marketing trainer.

Because of this commitment, I did not really been actively marketing my Empower Network Business.

But what cool about this business that really impress me is that…

I STILL MAKE MONEY on autopilot!

I have done a screenshot on my earnings.

Empower Network Commission - Edmund Toh

If you can average out the earnings… It is $278.77 Nett Profit Per Day.

Income Disclosure: This result is not typical. Even though I can earn $278.77 per day doesn’t mean that you can have the same result as me. You may make even more. Different people will have different results and this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to put in effort to work on this business to see results. Please read this income disclosure here.

Basically the system help me do all the selling for me… I did not need to do much to get the sales.

Do you like to own this exact system I’m using?

If your answer is YES, watch this 29 mins video by clicking the button below.

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P.S. After you have joined, contact me at my facebook. I will give you an easy to implement training to get started and help you till you get your first sale.

P.S.S. Still deciding?

Let me give you a scary scenarios which always haunt me occasionally which always push me to build my business empire to the next level.

Ask yourself this question.

Do you work in a job or do you own your business?

If you work in a job, do you always have a fear that you did something wrong in your job, the next minute, you are being fired by your boss, and the next minute, you can see that you can’t pay your bills and having problem to feed yourself and your family. What if you have a baby, what if your baby sick and what if your parents or grandparents get sick? Who going to pay the medical bills?

How about your children’s school fee?

What if your children need to further study and enroll into a good university? How much does it cost? Are you able to afford it?

If you own a business?

What if your business went wrong… customer complains… government policy change and you are not able to continue doing your business… what if you own a restaurant, and one customer got food poisoning and complain to the health medical board… if your business is responsible to the case, your restaurant’s food license will be suspended.

Do you have this fear before when you wake up in the morning?

You see… everything in this world we live in, we need money to survive and support our family.

A lot of people say that money is not everything… But I can safely tell you… even though money is not everything… WITHOUT money… how can you survive in this world right now? With all the inflation and bad economy… even did you have money, the next question is… “Is it enough?”

Now the important question is…

Do you have a backup plan?

A backup plan of getting a backup income stream, just in case your primary income stream fails you.

Hope this scenarios above give you a wake up call today.

It’s weekend. You have time to chill out… why not take some time off to think about it.

By having this thinking session today might save you BIG TIME  in the future and you might thank me for waking you up today. 😉

Facebook comment below about what you think. Look forward to hear from you!