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Empower Network Singapore – ATM Cash Withdrawal #1

It’s weird to see an envelope from overseas in my mail box today. After I opened up the envelope, I’m surprised! It’s the Empower Network Master Debit Card! It’s time to withdraw my earnings from Empower Network! I immediately went to the nearest local ATM machine in Singapore to do my first virgin cash withdrawal.…

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Empower Network Update – $1353.64 Nett Profits In 1 Day!

“Results are not typical.  Please see average earnings here“ Just a quick blog post. I’m keeping it short this time round. It’s a great start for me for the month of September 2012. It’s 1st day of September, and when I wake up this morning. I saw this. $1353.64 Nett Profits while I’m sleeping. “Results are…

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Empower Network Review As At 31st August 2012

It’s end of the month again. It’s time to do a personal review of one of the programs which I am promoting right now. By the way, do you do a personal review of your network marketing business? For me, I feel that doing a review on your network marketing business is very important. Why?…

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Happy Valentine’s Day – The New Age Ways

Hey, how are you today? Are you having a good time celebrating your Valentine’s Day with your love one? Sad for me as I didn’t have a chance to celebrate it with my girlfriend. She’s in Thailand right now and I’m in Singapore. No choice I have to be in Singapore personally to monitor a…

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