What Would You Do If You Have $1 Extra Per Day To Spare?

Empower Network Independent AffiliateI’ve got an idea that hit my mind today.

“What if… today… I have an extra $1 per day. What would I do with it?”

For you, what would you do?

Save it or spend it?

If me, I would find ways to turn this $1 into at least $1.10.

If you are able to turn $1 into $1.10 every day, what would you do?

For me, I will find as much $1 as possible.

If I’m able to find $1000, I would be able to turn $1000 into $1100, which that particular day, I would make a profit of $100.

Of course, by doing so… I would need a proven system that can turn $1 into $1.10 every single day.

Sound logical?

Currently are you still looking for a proven system to make money, I have a solution for you.

This solution cost you $25/month.

If you use a calculator and do a break down, every month, it cost just $0.833… a day. It costs less than a cup of Starbucks coffee.

Do you have an extra $0.833 to spare to turn this amount to something more and improve your financial status, thus giving you a better lifestyle?

Let me show you my today’s commission screenshot.

Income Disclaimer: Even though you use this system, doesn’t mean that you can get the same results as me, you need to put in some work to make it work. It’s the same as running a real business. Please read this income disclaimer here.

Edmund Toh's Empower Network 20th November 2012

Results are not typical.  Please see average earnings here

It’s $175 sales in a single day.

This sales came in through this proven system I’m using right now.

If you want it, I need you to do simple 1 task.

Watch this 29 mins video right now.

At the end of the 29 mins video, then you are qualify to join and use this system.

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Enjoy and see you in my team.

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