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From The Desk Of Edmund Toh & Luke Lim

Dear Home Business Entrepreneur,

Instead of rambling on and writing a long sales letter, I decided to get lazy straight to the point.

I am committed to giving you the BEST bonuses that anyone else is offering.

If you apply for My Top Tier Business (MTTB) using the links on this page, you get the below bonuses for free.

What's the worst that can possibly happen?

If you don't make at least a commission within 30 days implementing the system, Matt Lloyd (Creator of MTTB) will pay you $500 cash.

On top of that, I'll still let you keep all my bonuses (Worth OVER $2000 Value).

When applying, make sure you see "Edmund Toh" as your referring affiliate to receive my bonus.

MTTB - Referring Affiliate - Edmund Toh

Once you have sign up, contact me via Facebook and we will get started your business RIGHT.

My Facebook: http://facebook.com/edmundrichtoh

Bonus #1: My Top Tier Business Implementation Coaching Program ($497 Value)

Often times, itís the lack of direction we have, that cause us to buy even more stuff hoping to get more clarity. So if youíve bought other programs before but havenít been able to get the clarity and directions you need to move forward, Youíll know how valuable ending that frustration and confusion can be.

One of my student have been struggling online for years but never had any real success. After coaching him, he promoted My Top Tier Business for 10 days.

After a few days...

So for 10 days of work, Timothy Puby spent $600+ in advertising, made 15 sales and got $4661.50 commission.

After 2-3 more days, he's gotten more than 30 sales. Pretty pretty good results for under 1 month of work.

I typically charge $300 per hour for a personal 1 to 1 consultation.

However, as my team member, you have direct access to me in my inner circle facebook group. I will help crush any roadblocks you have, and fast-track you from start to finish.

Bonus #2: Double Your Traffic ($197 Value)

This is a very advanced and definitive Solo Ad training program specifically designed to help anyone generate leads easily, cheaply and quickly.

Discover the coveted secret how I effortlessly generate 200 leads a day. Run with the secret, drive traffic to My Top Tier Business, then let their 7 figure sales team close the sales on your behalf.

Hereís just a very tiny tidbit of what youíll get.

Module 1: Multiple Streams Of Traffic Formula
  • 11 traffic platforms you can leverage regardless of your niche, so you can access heaping amount of new people to see your business in days instead of years.
  • Underground access to discounts for popular traffic source. (This alone can save you thousands in advertisement).
  • The complete quality control process that develops your super human X-Ray vision to effortlessly distinguish between profitable traffic sources and scams. (Hint: There are many scammers out there waiting to steal from us.)

Module 2: 100 Leads Day Unveiled
  • My exact repulsion and attraction formula of solo ad copy that extracts the best value for your advertising money. This little-known tactic gets me a lot more free eyeballs on my promotion.
  • How to harness the precise, no fail process of attracting highly responsive prospects that subconsciously self-qualify themselves to join your list.
  • The best time, days and dates to send your solo ads for maximum returns.
  • A simple psychological process that grabs your visitor's attention getting you astronomically high lead conversions. (Hint: This is the same process marketers like Jeff Walker, Brendon Burchard, Eben Pagan and Ryan Deiss use.)
  • How to get access to the attention grabbing technology that increases my conversion rate by an additional 25%.
  • Over 3500 optimized backgrounds you can use in your squeeze page.
  • Full rights license for one of my product with over 100 pages of original and unique contents. Youíll discover specific action steps to create a membership site. (You can use it to create a continuity program, rebrand it, sell it for any price you want or give it away to drive traffic virally to your site.).

Module 3: The Science Of Scaling
  • The simple scientific formula every elite marketers knows allowing them to scale, skyrocket their profits and flourish. (By revealing the magic sauce, youíll have unbelievably lucid clarity to move forward powerfully.)
  • A little known secret to increase your profits by 20% before paying for your ad.
  • How to get passive lead-flow months after months on auto-pilot with a simple ďSet and forget styleĒ.
  • A simple process of projecting an ad's profitability and return on investments before even buying it.
  • The exact Ďno-failí process to optimize your traffic, so you can drive maximum results generating lots of responsive leads unreal cheap.
  • How to identify scams and recover from it.
  • I'll blow the lid and unveil the secrets 2 8-figure marketers personally shared with me. You'll discover the fastest and easiest way to massively monetize all your traffic. (You donít need to create any products or be an expert.).

Module 4: Perpetual Free Leads Strategy
  • I'll spill the secrets of my "1 Click Opt In" technique and reveal how to implement it in your business. This gives you an extreme advantage to convert your leads most people can't. A marketer achieved 60% opt in rate with just level 1 tactic (I'll show you 3 levels of tactics).
  • The secret to having other people happily rushing to give you money and building your list for free.
  • My split testing results acquired spending thousands in advertisement, resulting in over 50% lead conversions. (If you spend $500 per month converting 20% of your traffic, this saves you $300 per month for the same results.)
  • The spill-over technique I use to lower my cost per click.
  • A simple duplication process I use to "clone" myself to get free AND responsive leads rapidly using solo ad. This is an "under the radar" ninja technique virtually unheard of.
  • The software that gives me an additional 10% more leads and perpetually increasing my lead-flow over time.
  • A powerful offline rotation funneling process used by multi-millionaires like Robert Kiyosaki, and how you can copy that process online to funnel free customers into your high ticket items. (Hint: This is what pros do behind closed doors.)

Bonus #3: Lifetime License Rights for "Double Your Traffic" ($297 Value)

You get to keep 90% commission selling this $197 program.

Obviously, due to market saturation, I can only allow a handful of people to gain VIP access to this bonus before charging a few hundred dollars for the license rights, and limiting it to 1 year.

If you join me before I remove this bonus, youíll be grandfathered in and get to keep this license rights for life.

Bonus #4: The Entrepreneur Home System Blueprint ($47 Value)

If you want to be positioned as an expert, have your own unique competitive advantage, use it to create irresistible offer and create a full campaign from scratch to end, this course is designed to help you achieve that goal.

There are 5 modules in total, and hereís what youíll learn in each modules.

Module 1: Your Business Foundation
  • Discover your perfect target market.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition and get noticed by your prospects.
  • Talk to your leads making them feel emotionally connected to you.
  • Get people to like you, trust you and buy from you.

Module 2: Product Creation
  • How to do a demand research to identify products that sells.
  • Mechanisms that motivates people emotionally and trigger buying behaviours.
  • The secrets to identify emotional trigger words that make your target market says "I need this".
  • Action steps to create irresistible product that sells themselves.
  • Create high quality content that truly helps your client get results.

Module 3: Email Marketing
  • One of the fastest way and cheapest way to improve your email selling skills rapidly.
  • The art of using story telling to get your prospect to open and read your emails.
  • The secrets to trigger your prospect's desire to buy from you.
  • How to create more sales and lesser unsubscription.
  • Create trust and build rapport with your prospects to create a profitable long term relationship with your list.

Module 4: Technical Workshop
  • 13 easy to follow, step by step video tutorial that looks over my shoulder revealing how I leverage on different technologies to build a recurring cash-flowing financial vehicle.

Module 5: Sales Funnel
  • Upsells that sells and increases sales.
  • 21 tactics to increase revenue.
  • The secrets to leverage on technologies to reduce your expense and increase your profits.

Bonus #5: 7 Days Success Formula ($17 Value)

I have compiled, condensed and summarized a list of strategies and tactics used by successful 7 to 8 figures entrepreneurs into 7 videos. Hereís what youíll discover in each video.

Video 1: The Secrets Of Successful Business Model
  • An overview of a step-by-step strategy to scale up to a 7 figure online business.
  • How to get high quality, free traffic on autopilot (Itís not SEO).
  • A highly leveraged way to build lots of downline in a few days.
  • 9 benefits of creating your own system/product.
  • 4 activities successful online marketers focus.
  • The 2 activities most online marketers focus on backfires, causing them to struggle to survive.
  • 3 painful truths most online marketers are unaware what they are really up against.

Video 2: Crush Your Competition And Win Big
  • The greatest lie most people are unknowingly sold causing them to lose money fast. (That's the same lie I believed when I first started. I'll reveal my experience and results at the start of the video).
  • The difficult path to online success (Hint: Most people are walking it thinking it's the easy path).
  • Why you should NEVER compete by price.
  • 4 Case Studies how to win big in your market.
  • The 1 line phrase used by 3 businesses that absolutely crushed their competition. (You may have heard of them before).

Video 3: Turn Skeptical Leads To Loyal Buying Customers
  • The secrets behind a real story how broken beer bottles is sold for $1000 to a happy customer.
  • The one component that allows you to charge premium price for the same thing.
  • 6 rules you must never do in your business. (Hint: Many marketers are violating some of these rules.)
  • 7 tips to change the metric people always refer to when making buying decisions.
  • The 1 principle to easily influence people to do anything you ask them to do.
  • What is the essence of your business, and why you must build your business around this essence.

Video 4: Generate Revenue And Scale Up
  • The science to generate 1 grand in revenue.
  • The science of increasing 1 grand to 15 grand with 5 components without spending more.
  • 11 tips to increase your customers.
  • 4 tips to increase the amount customers pay you.
  • 6 tips to increase the frequency customers buy from you.
  • The 1 type of game all successful marketers must play, and the 1 component needed to play it.
  • 11 checklist reveals if you have the 1 component.
  • 6 tests if your business will be eliminated by change or grows stronger with time.
  • The 1 factor to a sustainable long term business.

Video 5: Earn More And Work Less
  • 3 simple questions determines if you have a successful entrepreneurís mindset.
  • The 1 thing that rich people always buy but most people always tries to sell.
  • 1 perspective most people think resulting in far more competition. (Hint: You will be much more happier and profitable thinking the opposite).
  • 1 exercise to force yourself to break out of your comfort zone and do the unthinkable.
  • 4 tips to leverage other peopleís time.
  • 3 tips to leverage other peopleís money.
  • 4 benefits in leveraging other peopleís knowledge.
  • 1 tip to leverage other peopleís network.

Video 6: Completely Eliminate Frustrations And Information Overload
  • How I started out confused and overwhelmed with information, and how I got out of the situation.
  • Why learning more and buying tons of products without this component causes more confusion.
  • Why focusing on this one particular component almost destroys my business (Hint: Most people are making the same mistake).
  • A simple tip that gives you a birds eye view of your business and eliminate your confusion.
  • A quick 5 minutes exercise that forces you to move forward in your business and start getting results.

Video 7: Guarantee Your Success And Increase Your Networth Everyday
  • A common myth many people believes hindering them from getting results.
  • The 1 single factor and the vicious cycle of failure stopping most people from moving to the next level. (Hint: Almost everyone struggles with this).
  • The only 1 single solution to break out of this cycle of failure and transit to the cycle of success. (This process is how all successful people are created)
  • How to increase your income by focusing on expanding this 1 component.
  • The 1 asset you must invest everyday to increase your networth everyday.
  • 1 simple and easy exercise that can transform you to be unstoppable.
  • How to benefit from your failure and make money from it. (Hint: Once I reveal this, youíll wonít mind getting lots of failure).

Bonus #6: License Rights to "Paid Membership Site Creation" ($7 Value)

In this 100 pages of original and unique contents, I'll show you over my shoulders the exact step by step action plan you can take to create a full fledge membership site ready to take payment.

Here's what you can do with this book.

  • Create your own continuity program.
  • Rebrand the EBook as though you're the author, with your own stories and affiliate link.
  • Give the EBook to your list for free.
  • Sell it as your own product for any price you want.

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Bonus #7: License To Leverage On Our Team Bonuses ($997 Value)

Everyone in my team gets all the bonuses mentioned in this page.

This means you can offer our team bonuses to your prospects.

This will instantly give you a HUGE competitive edge over everyone else.