Just 104 subscribers and 2 PureLeverage Signups!

Recently, I discovered this industry leading marketing tool suite.

With this brand new marketing system, you can easily build a list of responsive subscribers in mere clicks of your mouse.

.. making you MORE MONEY with LESS effort!

Let me do a short summary of what this marketing tool suite includes:

  • complete leading auto responder system (with perfect inbox deliverability)
  • complete video email service for relationship building with your subscribers
  • complete blogging and lead generation system to automate sales
  • complete webinar service to ramp up your sales
  • complete video producing and video storage platform for maximum exposure

and so much more all under one powerful marketing account!

This ALL in one powerful marketing system guaranteed to attract new leads and sales into your affiliate cash funnel!

Moreover,  this system is designed to increase commissions…

Let me explain why.

This insanely powerful system has been super-charged with some truly useful, and innovative features not found in any other marketing system …

.. and this system has been specifically designed, and tested to increase affiliate commissions through the use of 100% commission concept.

You may ask me…

What this system is?

This system is none other than PureLeverage.

If you are always keeping up to date with the recent opportunity buzz, you should have heard about it.

Any how… because this is a new marketing tool cum reseller opportunity, I did a marketing test to market this system to see if it is worth marketing before introducing to you.

So what I did is simple.

As we know, paid traffic is one of  the fastest ways to get subscribers and test out a marketing campaign to see if it is profitable.

So I went to safe-swaps.com to sign up an account and started to buy soloads from reputable solo seller.

In days I build a new set of subscribers just to market this opportunity.

Today, with just 104 subscribers.

104 Subscribers on 22nd May 2013

Guess what?

I got 2 Pureleverage sign ups!

PureLeverage - SignUp - Singapore

It’s a whooping 1.93% conversion WITHOUT any bonuses given to my subscribers.

Purely just using the default marketing system provided by Pureleverage.

Although it’s just 1.93% sale conversion rate, but because when the customer sign up, they are paying every month and you are earning the commission every month, I feel that this system not only useful in terms of the tools provided and also a converting turnkey marketing system which you just have to feed the system with prospect and  let the system do the selling for you.

It’s worth the time to fine tune and continue marketing this offer and increase the sign up rate.

Another reason why I like this system is because one of the tools that you are marketing is autoresponder service.

Let me ask you a question.

If today, you are building your subscribers list using a particular autoresponder service, and after a month, you have 1000 subscribers.

Will you still continue using this autoresponder service?

2 months later, your subscribers grow to 3500 subscribers, will you still continue using this autoresponder service?

You can see right now, if you have subscribers in the autoresponder service, high chance is that you will not cancel the service. The retention rate of your customer will be VERY HIGH!

What if today, you have the ability to refer customers to this autoresponder service and you get a nice monthly cut of commissions as long as the customers are paying for this service?

Do you want this?

What if, for the first month of your customers’ usage of the autoresponder service, you are getting 100% commission instead of half?

Do you want to market this service right now?

If want, you can skip all the reading and start signing up right now using my link below 😉

[high_impact_btn_get_access_now link=”http://www.pureleverage.com/prelaunch/join_now.php?id=speedpaycheck&campaign=blogpost23May2013″ + target=”_self”] [/high_impact_btn_get_access_now]

You see… marketing autoresponder services online is the best passive income model I ever see!

As the retention rate of the customer is high, your monthly passive income will keep on growing if you continue marketing this service.

Let’s set a goal now.

How to make $1000/month passive income in your first 30 days in business?

Let’s take a real case scenario.

You will be making $60.97 per customer commission per month.

Let’s do a calculation.

To make $1000/month, you just need about 17 customers ONLY.

Let’s say you get 2 customers per day to use this autoresponder service, in 30 days you will have 60 customers!

And this 60 customers will bring you $3658.20 every single month.

What if 2 per day is diffcult, how about 1 per day?

You will still be getting $1829.10 every single month.

Does $1829.10/month extra a nice pay rise to you in your current job?

The best thing is that you need little effort to maintain this business.


Because every thing is DONE-FOR-YOU.

Your passive income will grow and get compounded every month with minimum effort from you..

Your potential passive income will be limitless.

GO here to do a test drive with this system today >>

P.S. You won’t regret.