Are You An MLM Seminar Junkie?

seminarAs someone who’s been in MLM industry for quite some time, I’ve met all sorts of network marketers.

And the most common is the seminar junkie.

You might want to know what a seminar junkie is.

A seminar junkie is someone who constantly attends almost every seminar, business opportunity meeting, and training that comes their way but without any intention of putting what they learned to use.

So as much as possible, I make sure to avoid seminar junkies. Recruiting them into an MLM organization is a total waste of time.

Not only are they not interested in doing the business, they’re wasting a slot that could very well be occupied by someone else.

Now the question is: are you a seminar junkie?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1. Do you spend more time attending seminars than actually signing registration forms, more so recruiting people to join your MLM business?

2. Do you get excited whenever a news of a business opportunity meeting comes up?

3. Do you spend lots of time thinking of marketing strategies than actually implementing them?

4. Have you no experience joining an MLM business?

5. Do you always find yourself researching about the company only to find yourself getting overwhelmed and ending up not interested altogether?

If you’re answer is mostly “YES,” then you may just be a seminar junkie. Yikes!

Now there are many reasons why. You may be afraid of taking risk which MLM is known for. You may always find yourself thinking twice in joining the business that’s why you always end up attending numerous seminars without actually signing up.

Facing Your MLM Fears

MLM is not your ordinary business. Though like any other business, it requires time and hard work to make it work, it’s riskier and demands great people skills. Now that’s one thing.

What’s harder to face is the success rate of doing MLM. There will be questions like, what if you fail? what if you won’t be able to grow your network?

That’s normal. But it’s how you approach these things that matters. Learn to accept that you’ll experience bumps and bruises along the way. It’s okay. That’s how you grow as a network marketer.

So instead of dwelling on these mistakes, learn from them. And use them as a motivation to succeed.

See? It’s easy to stop from being an MLM seminar junkie and actually move to becoming a full-fledged network marketer. Now let me help you get started.

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