Becoming An MLM Leader: Do’s and Don’ts

Becoming Advisor concept in word tag cloudWho says becoming an MLM leader is easy? It’s not.

It takes hard work, commitment and dedication among other things.

To become a leader, you need to build an MLM team.

Not just any team – a winning team. Now in order to build a winning team and a successful MLM organization, you need to learn the basic guidelines first: the do’s and don’ts of leadership.


Empower and motivate others

Inspire your team members to become better marketers and encourage initiative in them. Training is vital to the growth of your business. And if you want to grow your business, you need to grow your people.

Educate and train them with the right marketing methods. Awake their passion in doing the business and help them achieve the best that they can be.

Set attainable MLM goals for your team

Set goals for your team but make sure that they are attainable. Setting the bar too high and failing to reach it could lead to demoralized members. Set the goals that you believe your team can achieve. Be it daily, weekly or monthly.

Become a good communicator

Without good communication, there will be no harmony and unity within your MLM team. Messages will not be relayed properly and conflicts may arise. As a leader, it is your job to maintain constant communication within the group.

Keep lines of communication clear and open. Set up regular meetings, be it weekly or twice a month.

Be flexible

A flexible leader knows how to adapt to a sticky situation. Problems are expected to arise. As an MLM leader, it’s your duty to provide solutions, not add more problems.

There will be times where you and your team will face conflicts and obstacles. If your solution doesn’t work out, you need to create a backup plan to compensate for it. This will also test your reliability as a leader.


Be the BOSS

You may be the MLM leader but it doesn’t give you the right to boss around completely. Lead by example. Don’t just be a supervisor, be a team player. Teach your people the ropes by demonstrating how to do them.

Reside in negativity

Don’t dwell on mistakes and disappointments. As an experienced network marketer, you should know by now that mistakes and rejections are part of the deal. The moment your team sees you residing in negativity, it will affect their productivity and will discourage them from pursuing success, eventually pulling your business down the rut.

Be inconsiderate

Be an inconsiderate leader and you’ll cut your team in half, until there’s no one left for you to lead. Be a caring, welcoming and considerate MLM leader. Motivate them to do better but don’t push them too far. Practice empathy and look at things from their end.

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