How to Bring Out the Best in People

Learning how to bring out the best in people is a very important personal development training that you can give to yourself. No man is an island, so they say. This is also the reason why you can’t succeed in your MLM business without interacting with people. Let’s face it – MLM is a people business. It’s people like us who shape this booming industry.

In  order to build good communication and healthy relationship with the people around us – be it with our downlines, our uplines, or our customers – we need to continuously provide value and derive value from them.

So Edmund, how did you manage to build healthy communication and relationship with your downline organization? How did you bring out the best in them?

Let me tell you….


One way of bringing out the best in people is to inspire them through your words and actions. Be gentle, patient and understanding. You shouldn’t be the type that easily flare up when people do something wrong. People make mistakes and it’s absolutely normal. Don’t hold it against them. Instead, let them learn from their mistakes and inspire them to do better. This will motivate them to improve their craft and aspire to reach their goals.

See the Best in Others

Seeing the best in others is another way of bringing out the best in them. This is a very important personal development skill because it attracts people to you. Don’t concentrate on their flaws. Appreciate their skills and motivate them to harness these abilities to their advantage. A congratulatory smile and a simple pat in the back always do the trick.

Be Interested

Being genuinely interested in people will also make them interested in you, most especially in what you have to offer. You can achieve this by talking to them, asking questions about themselves, getting to know them better, and providing solution to their needs. Be a good listener and people will like you. It is a well-known fact that people like to talk about themselves. Be interested in their ambitions, exploits, plans, business or anything that interests them. As you become more and more interested in people, you’ll learn to recognize and acknowledge their efforts and in return, they will try to please you by doing their best.

As a personal development practice, bringing out the best in others helps shape the YOU today. It makes you grow as a person and helps you become a better network marketer. Besides, what better way to appeal to your potential customers’ needs than to know what they really want?

These are just some of the tips that you can use to empower yourself in becoming an MLM leader through personal development. Want to learn more? Let me help you.