How To Build Better Team Dynamics In MLM

Good Team - People with Teamwork QualitiesThis is the scenario: You just joined a team of network marketers who have been together for quite some time now.

Rumor has it that this MLM organization shows a lot of potential yet they couldn’t seem to reach their maximum potential. Then Monday came. Since you’re just a new member, it’s your first time to attend the weekly network meeting.

You spent the whole hour asking questions and giving suggestions. Your questions are answered alright. But you notice that nobody seems to listen to your suggestions. Some of your teammates are busy arguing with each other.

Others are complaining about the lack of resources. Everybody is talking and no one, except you, stops to listen.

Now you know what’s holding the group back from achieving success—team dynamics. This is a common scenario in network marketing these days. Every member has so many insights that they want to share; they won’t let others do the same. That’s why they all end up arguing and coming up with nothing.

These people may have all the knowledge and skills needed in order to succeed. But the question is: Are they willing to build relationships, work with others, and communicate effectively to reach their goals? If the answer is no, then they are obviously not paying attention to MLM orientations, seminars, and trainings that they have attended.

There is no secret to a successful team dynamics in MLM; just the right techniques to build it. Here’s how:

1. Learn how to value each other

You can do this by learning to use the word “We” instead of “I” and teaching your MLM team to do the same. Remember, there is no “I” in “team.” What you and your team need to do is start recognizing each other’s unique strength and abilities.

Then use it to produce maximum output. Keep in mind that working alone is not the way to go in network marketing. There are many people who are readily available to provide guidance and assistance.

2. Communicate with your team on a regular basis

Teach your team on how to communicate with each other effectively. Coach them how to stop talking and start listening when a team member has something to say.

Make them see that communicating the right way will not only build a solid and strong organization; it will also help the team move forward.

3. Make time for a whole day team building activity

Build your MLM team dynamics by taking some time off from work and make way for a fun and unity-inducing whole day activity. Gather your team for a beach party or a barbeque get-together.

Create team-building games that will enable your network to work effectively together and carry out the tasks in harmony.

4. Set short-term goals and realize them together

Setting goals and accomplishing them together can do wonders for the MLM team as a whole. It becomes a milestone and a great moment to look back to.

It will not only create a bond among your team; it will also serve as a motivation to do better things and realize long-term goals together.

5. Promote acceptance and develop a strong relationship

Making a team member feel left out and unappreciated will result to nothing but failure for the whole group. Each member should be welcomed and valued by the team.

Promoting acceptance is essential in developing a strong relationship within the organization.

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