How To Establish An MLM Leadership Development Program

TrainingCreating a leadership development program is a great way to increase the efficiency of your MLM team by cultivating their leadership skills.

The program can particularly benefit your team members who are aspiring to be leaders yet don’t have the opportunity to attend team building seminars.

You can create the program as couple of full-day seminars, or a series or shorter meetings lasting for a month. Of course, it should be structured to meet the needs of the participants.

Start your session by brief introduction and lecture, raising discussions and questions from your team, and by providing team building activities. You can also incorporate scenarios where they can adapt their leadership skills and strategies. There are many resources that you can utilize to come up with a better and more challenging program. Take advantage of the information that can be found from the internet and from a variety of print publications.

These are the topics that your program can focus to:

Communication skills

Discuss different communication styles and teach your team on how to:

–      Listen well, understand each other better, and provide feedback freely.

–      Organize and share the information in a clear, concise, and precise fashion.

–      Readily express opinions, focus on the big picture, and state their positions strongly

–      Focus on specific details without stuffing unnecessary data and emphasizes facts instead of emotions

Aside from teaching verbal communication methods, you can also integrate the non verbal methods like: facial expressions, eye contact, gestures, and other active listening techniques that are vital to effective communication.

MLM Leadership Styles

Create a discussion that can answer the following questions:

-“Can you learn to be a leader?”

-“What type of leadership roles have you held in the past?”

-“And if you had, which leadership styles do you use?”

-“Can you change your leadership styles according to situational factors?”

After the discussion, let your team apply their answers by having them deal with given situations where they can relate their leadership skills. The discussion can help the organization assess their strategies and techniques while the situational activities can help them identify what style really works and what doesn’t.

Time Management

This involves applying a set of principles, practices, and tools that will help the organization invest their time wisely. Concentrate the discussion on:

–      Various time management topics like prioritizing tasks, setting boundaries, and identifying current time management habits

–      Benefits of effective time management in their network marketing business

Goal Setting

This guarantees that time, effort, and other resources are being used productively to accomplish priorities and objectives. What you need to do is provide an overview of the goal setting process and explain the benefits it entails through:

–      setting goals and developing action plans

–      following up and evaluation


An organization will find it hard to accomplish their goals and tasks without teamwork. If they know how to work well together, they can produce more results. Conduct a session for this by:

–      discovering each team members behavior

–      setting team etiquette

–      discussing team-building strategies

–      role playing

Before implementing your MLM leadership program, consider what your team members will find valuable and what the organization wants to accomplish. After the seminar, help your team develop action plans to use what they learn and follow up with them to monitor their progress.

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