Law of Attraction and MLM

law of attraction“Edmund, what does Law of Attraction have to with MLM success?”

I was approached by a prospect a week ago who’s pessimistic about the role of Law of Attraction in MLM success.

He said that no matter how hard he tried, law of attraction doesn’t seem to work for him in every aspect of his life. So what made MLM any different?

I find that a good opportunity to debunk the misconception that some MLM newbies seem to have when it comes Law of Attraction and MLM success.

It starts with good attitude and positive outlook towards the business….

The principle of Law of Attraction can be summed up to this phrase: “like attracts like.” This means that if you mind if you think positively, positive things will come to you. If you consistently dwell on positivity, expect positive things to happen.

For example: You are pitching your MLM business to a prospective lead.

If you put up a positive attitude and positive aura the whole time you are pitching the business to them, your prospect will notice it and will most likely be attracted to join the business.

They will be drawn by the positive attitude and the passion that you seem to exude towards the industry. It’s no secret that people love to be surrounded by positive people as the latter are most likely to rub off their optimism to others.

Law of Attraction will come to you if you have strong belief and faith…

Do you believe that you can eventually earn six-figure income given the hard work and dedication that you put into the business? Most importantly, do you believe in yourself? That you can make it in MLM?

Optimism is a good start. But it’s not enough. You need to have faith and strong belief. If you want to earn $30,000/month or more, then you have to visualize yourself getting it.

Visualize and focus in reaching your goal. Make it realistic by creating a Vision Board where your goals are listed. Be it earning generous profits, buying an expensive car, or traveling the world.

Look at your Vision Board when you wake up, before you sleep, or whenever you feel like you need a boost of motivation to keep going.

You need to act on it…

This is probably the most important step in making Law of Attraction work for you and your MLM business. You can’t simply stare at your Vision Board all day visualizing your success without doing anything.

You still need to act on it to make it happen. There’s just no easy way out.

Follow these guidelines and you can see your MLM business on its way to success.

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