MLM Fallacies You Need To Know

X-manMLM is no exception when it comes to fallacies and misconceptions.

In fact, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding network marketing. And they have mounted dramatically through the years.

Want to know what they are?

1. MLM is a pyramid scam

MLM in all its intents and purposes has never been a scam. There are companies that pretend to be legitimate network marketing companies, yes. But MLM as a business model is legitimate in itself.

That’s why it’s important that you don’t fall to these illegal pyramiding companies’ traps. Don’t be tricked into signing up to these MLM businesses.

Instead of jumping into the bandwagon “blind-folded,” take the time to research the company you’re about to join. Make sure that they’ve been around the industry for years and that they’re backed up by dynamic, competitive leaders.

Not only will it save you money, it will also prevent you from wasting your time.

2. MLM is a get rich quick scheme

Of all the misconceptions in MLM, this is perhaps the most common. Clueless and inexperienced network marketers seem to believe that the multi-level marketing is nothing but their quick meal ticket to getting rich.

But the truth is MLM is just like any other business. It requires a lot of work and effort on your part to reach success, let alone earn money. You need to work hard to generate profits.

Although, let’s face it. network marketing takes less time and investment to start and maintain compared to a traditional business. And even less demanding as it doesn’t require your attention 24/7.

3. In MLM, your warm market is your best prospective leads

That’s not true. Most often than not, the warm market is your least ideal prospects. They most often the ones who don’t believe in your business opportunity.

Just because they’re your family, friends and acquaintances doesn’t mean that they will give you their 100% support.

So instead of coming after them, go after the qualified leads. Who are they? The ones who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Your qualified leads are your target market and they’re the best market for you and your MLM business.

Besides, if you push your business opportunity down your warm market’s throats, it’s more likely that you’ll just end up putting strain into your relationship with them.

Of course, there are still a lot of MLM fallacies out there. Some we’re yet to hear about. But if you have, let me know in the comments section.

For now, though, let’s talk about more MLM personal development tips. What do you need to do?

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