MLM Leadership Tip: Empower And Motivate Your Team

drop wordingHave you tried everything possible to motivate your MLM team but nothing happened? Is it hard to see the results you want? Then take a look at these tips to help you jump start your success in empowering and motivating your team.

Empower Your Team:

Find Solutions

Instead of tolerating your team members to be problem creators, encourage them to become solution creators. When they come up to you to seek answers to their problems, take it as an opportunity to empower your team. Solicit answers from them instead. Express your confidence that they can provide pertinent solutions to the problem themselves.

Encourage Ideas

Ideas are the lifeblood of any organization, especially in network marketing. Create a safe environment wherein they share their ideas and insights freely and without distraction. Consider conducting brain storming activities.

Expect the Best from them

Expect the best from your organization and they will strive to meet your expectations. How, you ask? Make sure that you’re communicating positive outlook. Simply say “I’m ready to take on any challenge, and I expect the same from you.” Just avoid pressuring them into doing something that they can’t.

Make Them Feel like Leaders

Empower your organization by assigning leadership roles to them. Use their skills to provide them with leadership opportunities. Is one of your members good at public speaking? Then you can use it and let them be the speaker on your next meeting. Or is the other member great at dealing with different people? Then have them assist some of your new recruits in prospecting. These may appear simple tasks for you. But it actually means big accomplishments for your team.

Motivate Your Team:

Ask for Opinions

Asking your team for opinions is like telling them that you value what they say and you motivate them to accomplish more. It is one of the best ways to empower your organization. If they feel that they can have a say in anything that goes, they can be very motivated to perform harder.

Let Them Help Set Goals

Getting goal setting buy-in will motivate your team even harder since they are being allowed to help develop the goals. Have them involve in the goal setting process and solicit inputs from them. It will not only make them feel appreciated, it will also motivate them to quickly help accomplish the goals.

Motivate Your Team by Embracing Mistakes

Mistakes are always vital to growth and success. Letting your team commit mistakes will make them develop, enhance their creativity, and motivate them to do better. Use their mistakes as learning experiences for them. Allow them to handle the task again so they can better their performances. It will make them feel confident that you will be there to support and guide them whenever they try something new.

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