Simple Tips to Beat Procrastination in MLM

Proverb "Procrastination is the thief of time" written on a blacYou need to talk to a couple of prospects today.

Then, you have to attend a business opportunity meeting sometime in the afternoon.

Instead, you find yourself lounging in your home all day, watching TV and surfing the internet.

Not a good way to build your MLM business, is it? So what do you do about it? How do you beat procrastination to find success in MLM?

Here are some tips to help you boost your productivity.

1. Keep your schedule manageable

Maybe you’re spreading yourself too thin? Maybe you’re working yourself to exhaustion?

Doing this will lead to overwhelm and eventually, it will compel you to procrastinate. You’ll treat procrastination as instant gratification, a break that you need from all the work you’ve been doing to grow your MLM business.

Instead of forcing yourself to talk to 10 prospects every day, settle for at least 5.

2. Start with the easiest task on the list

Between creating an effective sales pitch, checking your business pages in social networking sites, and writing an e-mail newsletter series, decide which task will require you the minimum time and effort.

Start with the task before you proceed with the harder ones. Knowing that the task you’re about to do is easy will motivate you to actually finish it.

3. Convince yourself that procrastination is not worth it

This is not an easy method but really effective if you put your mind into it. Instead of getting right into procrastination, focus on the things you’ll miss out on:

the amount of traffic you’re supposed to drive to your blog, the number of prospects you missed pitching your MLM business to, or the business opportunity meeting you’re supposed to attend.

See? Procrastination is really not worth it.

4. Start early

You know what they say, “early bird catches the worm.” In your case, being an early bird allows you to get things done faster.

Think of it this way. If you start early in the morning, you have a lot of time at night or maybe in the afternoon to enjoy the day and finally “procrastinate” without feeling guilty.

Now who doesn’t want that?

5. Just get to it already

Want to beat procrastination? Then get the tasks done already. There is no better time than now. Drop the things that you can label as procrastination and pick up the ones of importance.

Remember that as a networker, you’ve set a time table and goals for yourself. Now how are you supposed to achieve them if you keep on procrastinating?

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