The Network General

A network marketing leader is like an army general. Without proper training and right knowledge, leader’s “platoon” will be facing a losing battle.

Presuming that you are an army general and you have a legion of 1,000 soldiers. You sent them out as front liners in a battlefield without any capable fighter, sergeant, lieutenant, and a captain—all of them did not undergo proper training. What do you think will happen to your platoon once the war erupted? Will they last long enough to defend themselves?

The answer is obviously no. It is likely that your platoon will not survive the fight. It will be a complete chaos. Some may hide and some may surrender. And others may simply run off—leaving the troop behind. In the absence of organization and leadership, your platoon is likely to be at a lost for command and will be facing a losing battle.

This is also true in a network marketing setting. Just like an army general, when leaders fail to organize and lead their network effectively, the business will not succeed. No matter how easy it is for you to generate leads, if you don’t know how to manage them, your efforts will be put to waste.

Now supposing that you are an efficient general and you are sending your troop of the same soldiers. But this time, you have nine hundred ninety fighters, six sergeants, three lieutenants, and a captain—all of them effective in their line of duty. Their tasks have been properly delegated and each soldier is equipped with proper training. With a platoon of proficient soldiers and efficient junior officers under a solid leadership, what do you think will happen when the fight ensues?

It is more likely that this troop will hold on to its position, work together as a team, and will be successful in fulfilling the mission. The difference between the two units? Ten effective leaders. Just like an army general who gives delegation of authority to his subordinates to lead and motivate their troops, a highly efficient network marketing leader must learn how to do the same.

When you are aiming to build a strong and solid network, there is no way that you can sponsor each member. All you have to do is sponsor a few good associates and help each of them get their own leads. Then teach them to educate their leads to the same. The cycle goes on and on until you manage to create a large-scale organization.

As an effectual MLM leader, your role is to set up and delegate a chain of junior leaders that will provide influence and support the whole network in growing the business and achieving their goals. Being a network general is not about getting the most network soldiers, it’s about rounding up the best people that will help in leading a solid and effective organization.

“When the general is weak and lacks discipline, when training and instructions are not clear, when the duties of officers and men are not distinct, and when the formation are slovenly, the result is utter disorganization.” – Sun Tzu (The Art of War)

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