The Principle of Leverage for MLM

Gold beam balance. Isolated on white backgroundWhen it comes to gaining income, what kind of an earner are you?

Are you earning 100% of your own efforts? Or are you profiting 1% out of the efforts of 100 people?

The truth is most people would rather earn from their own efforts than take risks and profit from that of others.

These people are educated and trained to look for a decent job after college, a job that will help them pay off bills, while living from paycheck to paycheck. For them, putting up a business is out of the question. You already have a job that guarantees substantial pay.

So why take risks when you can earn money the risk-free way?

These are the very people who prefer to work for no one but themselves and work on their own schedules. But do you know that only a few of them actually possess the burning desire for success and are willing to take necessary risks just to reach their goals?

Only a small percentage would dare enter the ever competitive world of MLM. The remaining percent, on the other hand, are afraid of rejections and failures that MLM normally entails.

Now if you are willing risk your way out of your comfort zone to go for financial freedom, then you must learn by heart how MLM works, most specifically, the principle of leveraging.

Leveraging is the art of duplicating your time through other people’s efforts to achieve maximum results. It is through leveraging that you are given the chance to have the economy of movement and the ability to gain more with less effort.

While it is through that you can apply leveraging in almost every aspect of your life as well as in your daily activities, it is only through MLM that you get the most out of it. Undeniably, in a traditional business setting, it is mostly the business owners and the top executives who benefit from leveraging.

They profit from their hardworking employees who mostly do the hard work. Unfortunately, these busy bees are only compensated by small amount of income.

The exact opposite thing goes with network marketing, however. Unlike people living from paycheck to paycheck, network marketers are given equal opportunity to build their own business and work whenever they want to. By allotting only a portion of their time and efforts, they are able to enjoy residual income.

Through MLM leveraging, they are given the chance to earn more than what they’re worth. What’s more, they get to enjoy continuous flow of income without working 24/7.

This principle allows people to live the lifestyle they want for themselves. They get paid even on vacation! In this industry, you get to enjoy both time freedom and financial freedom at the same time.

Now ask yourself, “Where is my lever?”

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