Types of MLM Leaders

Leaders use different styles and approaches in handling their MLM network. Some are modern and liberating while others are simply conventional.

Depending on how an MLM leader makes use of them, they can be a combination of both. These are the common types of network marketing leadership that you are likely to come across when you enter the industry.

The “Estranged” Leader

This type of leader acts as your best friend while you’re on the process of being recruited to their MLM organization. They know everything about you: your basic information, your list of family and friends, and even your reasons for joining a networking company.

They give you lots of calls, send inspiring text messages and e-mail blasts, and become your good friend when you have a problem. Once you signed up, they help you generate leads.

They appear to be always there to guide you. They provide insights and offer great support. Then when you start to build your own network, they suddenly DISAPPEAR. They leave their contact information for you to reach them.

But when you try to call the number, nobody answers. And the only time that you hear from them is when they are promoting a new company or product. This type of leader is usually switching from one company to another—without specific destination.

The “Babysitting” Leader

This MLM leader will not let you do anything on your own. They will always insist their methods and shove their strategies down your throat. Often times, this leader will watch you with eagle eyes and command their presence whenever you prospect.

They call you four to five times a week to check what you are up to and get annoyed when you fail to call back. They are always persisting that you get together to call your 100 prospects ASAP!

This leader always makes sure that you have a closet full of product on hand whether you need it or not. They don’t entertain excuses and demand that you attend every single meeting and training.

The “Novice” Leader

As the name implies, this MLM leader know nothing about building a large and successful network marketing organization. They view the industry as an easy money-making scheme.

They are so much like the estranged leader—always IN and OUT of the business before you can even blink. They hype you into joining a company but when you signed up, they leave you hanging and utterly clueless about the business.

You hear from them every now and then—usually when they have a new business opportunity to present.

The “Coaching” Leader

This is the most effective MLM leader and the best of the bunch. The coach will give you the same treatment even after you join their organization. They won’t pressure you into doing something. Instead, they will always be around to guide you and provide support when you need it.

On your first few weeks or months, they will spend a little more time with you to make sure that you understand the training and techniques. They will call you from time to time to check on your development. They return your calls, e-mail promptly, and they are more than willing to be of help.

They will inspire and motivate you to work hard and achieve your goals. They are concerned in building a team of dedicated and committed network marketers and won’t settle for anything less.

Now that you’ve identified the different types of  MLM leadership and ready to start your own network, the more pressing question is: WHICH TYPE ARE YOU?

If you not sure what type you are, let’s talk about it. I will try my best to access your leadership quality.

Leave your comment below and let me know which type are you. 😉