What Makes a Good MLM Leader?

“Edmund, what really makes a good MLM leader? Is it his skills? His mindset? How he leads his organization? Or all of the above?”

Let’s see.

1. Leads by example

A good leader is someone who practices what he preaches and knows how to walk the talk. If you want to become a good leader in MLM, you should learn how to lead by example. How can you teach your downlines to train their own teams if you don’t even know how to train them yourself? How can you teach them the basic of prospecting if you, yourself, don’t even know how to make a sale? See, you can’t teach a person something without having done it yourself. Keep in mind that your downlines will likely to follow your actions and multiply them instead of your words.

2. Loves his people

A good MLM leader is someone who treats and cares for his downlines like his children instead of seeing them merely as money-making machines. It’s the package of being a leader. You can’t lead your team without loving them. Remember that your team will help you grow your business and will aid you in reaching success. Always put their best interest at heart and provide them the support they need. Extend your willingness to help in their personal lives as well. This will help you gain their trust, loyalty and confidence. In effect, they will be motivated to give their best in doing the business.

3. Has a positive attitude

In MLM, you can’t win all the time. This means you’ll face rejections, disappointments and obstacles as you embark on the road of success. These circumstances are the things that you can’t control. They are inevitable and a part of the industry you belong in. Instead of mulling over them, a good leader will simply look at the bright side and knows that “tomorrow is another day.” This means that if you want to become a good and effective leader, you should learn to deal with negativity in a positive way. You should learn how to channel your frustrations into doing something productive. For one, you can brainstorm new strategies with your team to prevent the problem from happening again.

4. Trains and empowers his people

If you’re the only one in your team who is experiencing personal growth while your downlines are lagging behind, then you’re not doing a good job at being a leader. Remember that your leadership skill is determined through the progress of your team. If you can’t motivate, train and empower your team, your potential prospects will think twice in joining your organization. What’s in store for them, after all? Understand that you can’t do all the hard work yourself. You need to leverage. And that’s what your downlines are for. Let them learn from you and teach them do the same for their own team.

Now, the question is: “Are you a good MLM leader?”

It’s not a secret that success is NOT easily achieved.

But you can work for it conveniently.


Then, let me teach you how!