What Sort of Motivation in MLM Do Network Marketers Need?

Personal DevelopmentEverybody needs motivation to keep them fueled and going.

Network marketers also need this very same driving force to help them be productive and perform better.

Be it an MLM leader or a downline member, virtually anyone in the network marketing scene need to find the motivation they need.

The type and level of motivation that a network marketer has will determine how well he will fare in the industry.

To put it simply, a network marketer with a low level of motivation is likely to have poor performance while one who has a high level of motivation is likely to succeed.

Network marketer can have very different reasons behind trying their luck at MLM.

From the great earning opportunities brought by the handsome commissions from individual sales and that of your downlines, and improving one’s self, to the passion one has for the business and the desire to help others find their way to the top–the list goes on and on.

But we can basically categorize these motivations into two: extrinsic and intrinsic.

Extrinsic motivation basically covers most reasons involving outward gain. Probably the most common extrinsic motivation for network marketers is the desire to simply earn generous amounts of money.

Extrinsic motivation in itself is a great way to push people to do things and isn’t wrong at all. After all, MLM’s there for us to help us earn more.

Relying solely on such motivation, however, might leave you easily exhausted and fed-up doing what you should be doing.

Moreover, it can prove to be somewhat of a weak motivation for MLM leaders since they should be after more than just earning, but also leading their downlines to success. Which brings us to…

Intrinsic motivation covers motives such as the desire for self-improvement, wanting to help other network marketers flourish, or simply loving what you’re doing.

Intrinsic motivation makes things seem easy-breezy and is likely to keep you motivated longer than mere extrinsic motivations.

Though it is indeed of some difficulty to search deep within yourself for an intrinsic motivation, networks marketers with emphasis on MLM leaders must learn to be driven by intrinsic motives instead of just extrinsic ones.

So what type of motivations drive you? Are you extrinsically or intrinsically motivated?

Though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being driven just by your need to earn but being governed by some intrinsic motivations such as wanting to help other network marketers will propel you further and will enable you to do much greater things.

This’ll also guarantee that you won’t have cold feet somewhere in the middle of your MLM career.

Take the time to search within yourself and look for an intrinsic motivation to help keep you fired up and eager to do more.

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