5 Social Networking Sites Your Network Marketing Business Needs

Driving traffic is never easy. Unless, of course, you opt for purchasing traffic which doesn’t really turn out well. With this kind of technique, it’s unlikely that you’ll end up getting quality traffic.

That’s why I prefer using the organic and natural way of generating traffic for my blog. It may be a little time-consuming and requires a lot of effort on my part. But hey, it gives my blog the result it needs. So it’s all worth it in the end.

So how do I do it? Easy, I enlist the help of social networking sites.


At this day, who’s still not using Facebook? With users nearing to one billion, this social networking site is clearly a go-to for network marketers to drive traffic and find leads for their MLM websites. Here, you can find potential leads by adding them as friends, by joining groups of users with interest similar to your business and by creating a business page with massive following.


With 140 characters at your disposal, you can tweet relevant information or pitch your business to your followers. Just like Facebook, Twitter is a must-have in generating traffic to your site. The key here is to follow users and be followed by them. Keep your profile public so it would be easy for your potential customers to find you and hit that button to connect with you. Using hash tags in your tweets will also help you target interested users.


The social networking home to professionals, LinkedIn is where you can find your fellow network marketers and other valuable connections. Here, you can generate quality leads and at the same time, build valuable relationships with other like minded individuals. Joining groups will also help you gain insights and relevant information from various professionals.


You know that site where you can add and upload images to share to other users? Well, it’s not just for social networking. Guess what? It’s also a great way to drive traffic to your site. How? By following other users and regularly posting pins with linked URL on your boards. Be sure to use interesting images to get other users’ attention.

Google Plus

Google Plus may only be a year old but it has managed to rake in 250 million users and growing. With 150 million of them active, you have a huge potential market right there. A giant pool of leads if you ask me. This social networking site is a combination of both Twitter and Facebook. You can post status updates and links, upload images as well as use hash tags in your posts. A great way to connect with your circles and direct traffic to your site.

Social media sites are scattered in the realms of the internet. All you have to do is scrape for them and plan your activity to create a solid presence, build credibility and generate leads for your business. Want to learn my secret to social media success? Find out here!