6 MLM Blogging Mistakes That You Should Avoid

blogEver wonder why your MLM blog is not giving you the results you want?

Not driving traffic? Not converting leads?

If you encounter these problems, then it’s time to think back on your marketing strategy. Your technique might be scaring your visitors off instead of attracting them to you.

That said, here are a few blogging mistakes that are often committed but need to be avoided.

1. Not publishing content frequently

When I say frequently, I mean daily or at least thrice a week.

If you really want to drive traffic to your MLM blog, then you should start blogging more than once every two weeks.

Ensure that your blog is always active, offering fresh and insightful content to your visitors and you can expect your readership to grow.

2. Not interacting with your visitors

You visitors like to hear from you, too – as in personally. It’s not enough that you publish content on a regular basis. Take some time to communicate with them through the comment section below your MLM blog. You’ll never know the thing or two you can learn from them.

3. Not building a list

What? You don’t have a list? Then how are you suppose to let your visitors and potential customers know that you’ve posted something? Place a subscribe button on your MLM blog and let it collect e-mail addresses for you.

So whenever you have something new to offer or simply updated your blog, you can automatically inform them about it.

4. Neglecting promotion on social media

Social media marketing is an essential part of your blog promotion, period.

Where do you think your visitors and potential customers hang out when they’re not reading your blog?

Start promoting on social media sites – from Facebook, to Twitter to YouTube, to Pinterest and even forums and other online communities.

5. Ignoring the blog analytics 

How would you know if there is a decline or improvement on your MLM blog readership?

Tracking your blog analytics helps you stay track on your site statistics. What type of post invites more readers?

Which page of your blog attracts more visitors?

6. Being overly promotional

Everybody hates to see a spam on their newsfeed and timeline. Promote your content but be sure to NOT over do it.

Instead of regularly spamming people with your links, provide a little bit of variety in your posts. Make use of motivational quotes, sayings and interesting images to get their attention.

Then promote your MLM blog every once in a while.

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