Facebook Marketing 101: The Best Practices You Should Observe

Nowadays, more and more people are using Facebook to drive traffic to their site and market their MLM business at the same time.

Why not?

Using Facebook allows you to appeal to a much wider audience and lets you connect with your customers on a personal basis. And that’s coming from me, who personally use Facebook for my own MLM traffic generation efforts.

Now, while there is no exact formula to successful marketing, there are a couple of Facebook marketing best practices that you can follow to build a strong social media presence and grow your MLM business online.

1) Create a compelling landing page

The first step to enter the world of Facebook marketing is to create a compelling landing page.

So what do you need it for?

Simple, you’ll need to get those users “like” your page. This lead capture page should be able to make the leads chase after you and not the other way around. Its main task is to target the right leads and separate them from the unqualified ones.

Surely, you don’t want your page flocked with users whose interests have absolutely nothing to do with your business. What’s more, the landing page will allow you to continuously attract likers while building strong brand awareness for your business.

2) Post relevant information

This is very important. Since Facebook users tend to be picky on the pages they “like,” they don’t tolerate irrelevant posts flooding their news feed. Posting unrelated information is an effective way to drive away leads from visiting your page. Do this and you’ll see the number of your likers decreasing dramatically.

But what really constitutes relevant information?

If your business is into health and fitness, you’ll have to stick to posting information related to that. While interesting as it may be to post about the latest happenings on the entertainment industry, it can pass for unrelated topic. Unless the topic is about celebrity health and fitness, you don’t want to test the loyalty of your fans.

3) Interact with your “fans” regularly

What makes fans enamored to a page they “like” is constant interaction. You should not focus on selling your products or services alone. Remember that you want to establish not just credibility but also a lasting relationship with your fans. You’ll want them to continuously patronize your page and share it to their friends.

Your communication with your fans doesn’t end with your regular posts. You’ll have to attend to their needs and answer their questions every now and then.

One thing you need to know is that most fans demand response for their queries. If they ask you about something, they’ll expect their question to get answered. And that’s the problem with some pages; oftentimes, they forget that regular fan interaction is one of Facebook marketing best practices.

4) Place a call-to-action

The beauty of this feature is that it guides your potential fans and existing likers to take a certain action.

To attract likers, you can put a persuasive “Like Us” button on the landing page.

For example, the phrase “Welcome to our page, Click Like to find out about our new exciting offers,” will have Facebook users wondering about the products or services that you have to offer.

The call-to-action is especially helpful if you have a business website. You can create links through your page that will direct users to visit the site.

5) Promote your page

Promoting your page doesn’t end in Facebook. Why limit yourself to a single social networking site?

Take advantage of everything the social media has to offer.

Create accounts with other social sites, like Twitter, LinkedIn, and GooglePlus among others. You can create links through these sites that will direct leads to your page.

You can also participate in active discussions on different forums and online community. Just be sure to join a thread which topic is directly related to your business.

Indeed, there are numerous Facebook marketing best practices that you can apply to help your MLM business grow. You’ll just have to hone your marketing skills to entertain your audience and keep those leads coming.


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