How to Increase the Traffic of Your MLM Blog

How-to-Increase-the-Traffic-of-Your-MLM-Blog1. Write Well and Write Often

Updating your MLM blog with fresh content on a regular basis is an important key in generating traffic and subscribers.

Make sure that the content you write is of good quality and exactly what your target audience are looking for.

Be sure to remember these qualities in writing your blog post: engaging, informative, error-free and unique.

2. Make your MLM blog Content SEO friendly

But don’t just write quality content. Optimize your blog for the search engines too. Research the keywords that your target audience are most likely to use as search terms. You can use ALT text for images.

And you can also use plugins like the All in One SEO Pack which lets you write meta titles, meta descriptions and keyword tags on the meta fields.

3. Use Analytics

Use analytics to determine the sites that drive most traffic to your MLM blog and which doesn’t, allowing you to properly maximize your traffic generating efforts.

Focus your attention to the sites that continue to give you a good number of visitors and qualified leads.

4. Web Syndication

Set up an RSS feed button on your MLM blog to syndicate your blog and inform your readers whenever you publish new content.

5. Make your Content Share-able

Making your content share-able is also an effective traffic generation tactic. Add sharing buttons at the bottom of your post so your readers can share your content to various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.

6. Use Images

Graphics and illustrations don’t just make your MLM blog look good. They can be used as traffic boosters too.

By optimizing them, Yahoo Images and Google Images can help direct visitors to your blog whenever people click through your URL on the search results.

7. Guest Blog

Guest blogging for other high-traffic sites related to your niche can also help you build more audience for your MLM blog. Take advantage of those sites’ existing viewer base to spread awareness to potential visitors.

Treat those sites as your blog where you engage and educate your audience by writing useful content.

8. Build Links

Create quality links outside and within your blog. You can reference an old post in your latest published post.

You may also want to add “Related Topics” section at the bottom of your post to direct readers to other parts of your blog.

These are just some of the tactics that you can use to strengthen your blog readership. Need more tips in building an effective MLM blog? Click here to find out!