MLM Business Essentials: The Importance Of Google+

Icon Google+Now that you have expanded your MLM business to get into the online market, the next step is to build a prominent web presence.

The first thing that comes to the people’s mind upon hearing this is to either set up a Twitter account or start a Facebook page campaign to get started with gaining traffic.

Only few internet marketers try to expand their reach and access to other social media sites in order to get potential customers. That is why they fail. As an MLM business owner, trust me, you don’t want to follow the same footsteps.

Pay attention and you’ll see that there is more to the online traffic pool than just Facebook or Twitter.

But for now, let’s focus on Google+.

Many users sign up for Google+ but do not really know the power that it holds to online businesses, especially for MLM. Aside from being a social media platform, there are still good reasons why Google+ is essential for your MLM business.

1. Video Chat – This is definitely one of the separating factors that Google+ has against their competitors. When you make a business page on Google+, interested individuals and even potential customers can ask you question using the video chat option.

In this manner, you can make connections with prospective leads the very same way you do in real life.

2. Customer service – Because of Google+ search function, you can easily check and help your customers. Using the search feature, you can develop a good idea on how people brand your products and services.

Not only that, you can also see who talks about your products. This way, you can see who your “super fans” are, thereby allowing you to strengthen relationships with them.

3. Spreading the word – Like Facebook’s “share” button, Google+’s counterpart is the “+1 recommendations.” Anyone who clicks the button automatically shares the page on Google+ and people on the same genre of interest can see it who, in turn, share it to others.

4. Organized sharing – Submitting posts directly into your Facebook account is a double edged sword. First is that it may help you get the likes and shares that you need but also runs the risk of getting blocked by people that does not like posts about ads and all.

With Google+ you can organize who you should be getting your messages across using Circles.

It is where people of the same groups or interests hang together. This way you only target qualified traffic for better results.

Google+ is more than just a miniature version of Facebook as rumors say. It helps you build a solid MLM customer base, gets you more opportunities to spread the word around, and also helps you get more organized with your online sharing.

Now, don’t wait for another day or two, get yourself a Google+ account and start leveling up your presence online.

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