MLM High Touch Or Low Touch: Which Networker Does Better?

portrait of a salesmanModern and traditional views have always been in conflict when it comes to many different aspects of human life and everything which surrounds it.

Modern views on just about anything claim that the changes and innovations provide better results or outcomes while traditional views assert that they have been around since time immemorial and are therefore tried and tested.

The same goes for MLM.

There are several ways through which a network marketer can build his empire and one’s choices will decide the face of his MLM business. Well, should you be a high touch or low touch network marketer? Which is which? Which is better? Read on and learn.

High Touch Networker

A high touch networker is basically an individual who knows about what’s new and trendy in the network marketing scene.

From using Facebook and twitter to blogging and posting ads online, the high touch networker is never afraid (or lazy) to use whatever technological tools he has within his reach to further the improvement and development of his MLM business.

High touch networkers have the advantage of having a huge arsenal of tools which can often be found online. For this reason, a high touch networker would have to be hard-pressed to run out of fresh and exciting ways to improve his MLM business.

What’s not to be forgotten is that most everyone spends time on the internet and is highly likely to take notice of a high touch networker’s efforts.

What is more, the efforts of a high touch networker do not require too much time and money.

Sadly, some of the high touch networker’s efforts may be in vain for the sheer number of people online is not enough of an assurance that the business will flourish because not all of these people are good prospective leads.

Low Touch Networker

Low touch networkers are often highly sociable people who would rather spend time talking to people face-to-face and personally recruit them into the business.

The positive side of this is that the power of persuasion is much stronger when interaction is face-to-face. More so, a low touch networker can easily identify prospective leads apart from those who are not interested in his MLM business.

Though low touch networkers rely heavily on traditional MLM marketing techniques, this does not go to say that they have no knowledge whatsoever of the innovative ways a networker can use to expand his network.

Low touch networkers know bits and pieces but are simply not keen on applying these modern techniques.

In spite of the great chance of coming across prospective leads, low touch networkers can only talk to as many people in a day. This somehow limits their opportunities to recruit more and more people into their MLM business.

Both high touch and low touch networkers have their pros and cons. It is up to you whether you’ll be a high touch networker or a low touch networker.

Or if you’d like to fare better, keeping these two together in a balance would surely do wonders for you and your MLM business.

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