MLM Traffic Generation Don’ts You Should Avoid

Pen and tick boxes with Yes and No optionsAny MLM business needs traffic generation for it to succeed.

You want heavier traffic driven to your website so that more people will be reached by your network marketing campaign. Sounds easy? Well, it really isn’t.

There are a lot of thing that you have got to do as a newbie in the network marketing business before you get yourself to better positions in the industry.

For this reason, a lot of network marketer resort to various traffic generation techniques just for their MLM business blog to generate some traffic.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of network marketing mess-ups that could hinder you from actually attaining success in promoting your MLM site. Here are three of the most common mistakes network marketers do in MLM traffic generation.

1. Link farming.

Link farms are basically websites which post links leading to the websites of every other member of the group. This is in the hopes of driving traffic to the sites of its members by having their links included in several different sites and pages.

However, being part of a link can be more harmful than actually helpful. Link farming greatly reduces the credibility of your website and will simply place it at much lower rankings.

More so, you can never know enough about the websites whose links you’ll be posting in your very own page. Don’t give in to the temptation of link farms and go for some other traffic generation technique.

2. Keyword overloading.

We all know that our sites turn up at search results after they have been deemed relevant by the search engines. And more often than not, relevance of the site and its content are greatly affected by the amount of keywords included in them.

Many MLM bloggers try to inject as many keywords as they can into their content for this reason.

However, what keyword stuffing does is not to boost your chances of traffic generation but actually weakens it by letting search engines think of your content as spam – consequentially removing you from its search results.

3. Content Duplication.

You might have come across some great content that you simply aspire to produce something as good. There are times, however, that you might be drawn to the idea of just copying this content and posting it in your site, taking it as your own conception.

Content duplication is a big no-no for MLM traffic generation since search engines also detect these duplicated contents, marking you down on the rankings and hurting your chances of driving heavy traffic to your MLM site.

Traffic generation is a simple thing to do but making blunders can also be as simple.

Be careful not to commit these common traffic generation mess-ups and you’ll go a long way in your MLM traffic generation campaign. Click here to learn more!