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Facebook Marketing 101: The Best Practices You Should Observe

Nowadays, more and more people are using Facebook to drive traffic to their site and market their MLM business at the same time. Why not? Using Facebook allows you to appeal to a much wider audience and lets you connect with your customers on a personal basis. And that’s coming from me, who personally use…

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5 Social Networking Sites Your Network Marketing Business Needs

Driving traffic is never easy. Unless, of course, you opt for purchasing traffic which doesn’t really turn out well. With this kind of technique, it’s unlikely that you’ll end up getting quality traffic. That’s why I prefer using the organic and natural way of generating traffic for my blog. It may be a little time-consuming…

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How to Promote Your Lead Capture Page

Do you know the most prevailing reason why MLM blogs fail today? I know I do. It’s because of the absence of leads to sell their offers to. Without leads, there is no business. This is what I always tell my downlines: If you want to prosper in the industry, you need leads – lots…

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A Step By Step Process To MLM Traffic Generation

  So you’ve decided to make yourself an MLM blog. You’ve successfully set up one and have published enough content to get you started. But the problem is you have no idea on how to generate traffic. No worries! I’m here to guide you how. I’ll tell you a simple and easy to follow step…

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3 Simple Techniques that Will Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Before I started blogging, my initial worries were: Will my blog be successful? Can I drive enough traffic into my blog and eventually convert them into leads? What methods will I use to make it work? Of course, now we know how it turned out. And I wouldn’t call it luck. I’m not gonna lie…

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