4 Easy Ways To Make More Prospects Read Your MLM Blog

Conversion Funnel - Leads to SalesI’m sure you want to drive traffic to your MLM blog and you want your prospects to browse through your blog posts to ensure that they’ll visit your blog often.

This often results to lead generation after all. But how do you make the right people drop by your MLM blog?

Here are some ways to make it happen.

1. Improve your blog design.

First impression counts. This is especially true in business. Your prospects should be compelled to read the rest of your post, not close the tab.

Get a responsive theme that looks easy to read whatever the size of the screen your reader is using. I’ve seen a lot of blogs that use themes that are not only hard to look at but also contain unreadable font size.

Remember that font size matters.

Also, if you’re using a pop up to direct people to your landing page, stop. Just stop.

As a reader, I get easily turned off by blogs that use pop ups. There’s a side bar widget for your subscription form. No need to get it plastered on the screen every time your readers visit your MLM blog.

2. Write quality content

I’ve said this many times before: “content is king.” If you want your prospects to flock to your MLM blog, write quality content.

There’s no other way to do it. Did you know that quality content can turn traffic into sales? If you didn’t, well now you do.

To ensure that you’re writing quality content, plan it out. What are the topics that seem to get your prospects’ interest? Write what your readers want to know.

Not only are you offering value, you are also fostering reader engagement.

3. Practice SEO

If content is king, SEO is definitely queen.

What’s the use of a well-written content, if no one is reading it. Make sure that your content is properly optimized to ensure good search engine ranking.

Learn how to do on-page SEO to help you get started.

4. Be social media marketing friendly

Do you have social media plugin on your MLM blog? If not, then it’s time to get one installed. Having Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ icons at the bottom of your post will motivate your readers to share your content to their social media friends.

See how easy it is to get more prospects read your MLM blog?

Make sure that you practice these tips and watch as more prospects come to you. The more traffic you drive, the more chances you have at gaining leads.

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