5 Easy Techniques In MLM Downline Duplication

5-Easy-Techniques-In-MLM-Downline-Duplication1. Prospecting

Prospecting is the first step in building your MLM network and the most crucial part.

Remember that your network is your most valuable asset in the business. Through your network, you can gauge your net worth in this business. Without it, your business will not work.

Now, in order to prospect for qualified leads, you can incorporate both online and offline marketing. The supply of leads over the internet is highly abundant.

You can find prospective leads over the social networking sites, forums and other online communities while you can make use of traditional advertising techniques to attract interested people into your business.

2. Inviting and Presenting

So you’ve found your MLM prospects. What’s the next thing to do? Invite and present your business opportunity. A link that will direct prospects to a landing page will do the trick. Of course, the landing page needs to be compelling enough to make your leads hit that subscribe button.

It would be neat to place your video presentation on that page where they can learn everything from the business – the company, the product, the benefits, etc. etc.

Outside the realm of the internet, MLM leaders throw business opportunity meetings for the “new bloods” to attend to. This is where you can take your prospects to listen to your opportunity. One quick tip: NEVER ever “kidnap” your prospects just for the sake of prospecting. Pitch them in about your offer first before you bring there.

3. Closing

Now, this is the tricky part. How do you close a sale or a member registration? Your prospect may already be interested in your MLM business. But what you say next can either make or break the deal. Remember that you’re now convincing them to sign up.

Most network marketers make the mistake of overselling. Instead of moving to close the deal, they stuff too much information that confuses and annoys the prospect. Don’t try to impress your potential customer even more.

They may or may not have a positive response on your offer after listening to the presentation. So instead of beating around the bush, hit the direct approach and ask them: “So what do you think about the business? Would you like me to get you a sign up form to register?

4. Follow Up

Following up can be done if: (a) your prospect has already signed up but hasn’t done anything yet or (b) has yet to decide if they’ll sign up or not.

Either way, you need to give your prospect a couple of days before you follow them up. They need some time to think. So don’t push it. Don’t rush them into taking any action right away.

If you think you’ve given them enough time to think, feel free to follow up. Drop them a call, send them an e-mail or pay them a visit if you can.

5. Training

So they’ve said yes and decided to become an active member instead of being a simple buyer. What’s next? Get them into training. As an active member, your downline needs to learn everything they need to in order to make their own sale and build their own team.

Remember that the only way you can create downline duplication is to teach your MLM downlines the same process that you did when you recruit them so they can duplicate it themselves.

So be sure to teach them the effective and innovative ways of growing their business to keep up with the times and stay at the top of the game. This, in turn, will benefit your own business greatly.

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