Creating A Unique Sales Proposition For Your MLM Business

Time to Sell - ClockEvery business, product, and service needs a unique sales proposition—even in network marketing!

Simply referred to as USP, this proposition can separate you from everyone else who does what you do which gives you an edge over competitors.

It notifies the customers why your product or service is a “must-have.” It should also answer the question, “Why should I buy from you and only you?”

In other words, you need to make your MLM business stand out and look special in the eyes of your prospects.

A USP is more than just a slogan; it can be a tagline or phrase that you can carry around in your head along with commercial jingles. You may be familiar with KFC’s “Nobody does chicken like KFC” or Nike’s “Just Do It.”

These taglines are just some of the most famous USP that paved the way for these businesses’ success.

So how can you create a USP that will ensure success to your MLM business? Let’s try two easy methods for you.

Method #1:

Naturally, your USP must come from a real understanding of your target market. It is the most important factor that you need to consider before you develop your proposition. You have to:

  • Think like your potential customers
  • Observe your potential customers’ buying decisions
  • Know the reasons why your existing customers patronize your instead of your competitors

Doing all these will help you answer the questions: What are the qualities of your MLM business that appeal to your customers? Do they patronize you because of the low prices, effectiveness of the product, or simply because of the satisfactory service your business offers?

What can you highlight that will help you generate more leads and increase the sale of your business? Then use the answers to help you come up with an excellent tagline.

Or you can follow the tips Method #2 offers:

List your biggest benefits

What are the biggest benefits you can offer? Think in terms of what your product or service can do for your customers and the end-result they are looking for.

State the reason why they need to patronize your business.

Be Unique

As always, uniqueness is key. Remember that you are making your product a “must have” and not “one of those.” It should create a desire and urgency in your potential MLM customers.

Incorporate your USP into your advertising tools and practices

  • Marketing and sales copy headlines;
  • Business cards, brochures, flyers, & signs;
  • Sales pitch, phone scripts, and e-mail blasts;
  • Letterhead, letters, & postcards;
  • Internet marketing.

Convey Your USP’s Promise

Your USP should get the attention of your target market by compelling them to respond to you. Have a bold and strong USP and be sure to deliver on its promises.

Otherwise, you’ll just ruin the reputation that you’ve worked so hard for.

Remember that your USP can either make or break your MLM business. So be sure to build a powerful USP that can optimize your marketing efforts and achieve maximum results.

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