Deadly MLM Mistakes To Avoid

Deadly MLM Mistakes To Avoid

1. Not completing your training

This is one of the worst MLM mistake you can commit. When you go out and and start recruiting people or selling products without finishing your initial membership training.

How are you supposed to do MLM the right way when you have no idea what to do?

Keep in mind that getting into training will teach you everything you need to learn – from prospecting, to selling products, and even to running your own network marketing business.

So must you still wonder why you need training?

2. Not having a positive outlook

A positive mindset is one of the requirements of the network marketing business. If your mindset is anything but positive, it will be hard for you to succeed.

Why? This is because having a negative mindset will bring you down and demotivate you as you move along.

What’s more, it will be easy for you to get affected by rejections, disappointments and other obstacles.

So make sure that you keep a positive mindset all the time.

3. Not listening to your uplines and/or mentor

Your upline has been around the industry longer than you. Which means they have enough experience and skills to share with you.

Which means disregarding their advice and tips is not a good idea. Keep in mind that they’re teaching you valuable information.

You may feel that you don’t need that information right now. But in the future, you may find use for it.

4. Making false claims

Never make false claims about your products or your company, it will only come back to bite you. Only tell your prospects and customers the truth.

Don’t attempt to hype your MLM company or products. They will see through you. If not, they’ll find out soon enough.

When that happens, you’ll lose your credibility. And it will now be hard for you to recruit other prospects and make them grab the business opportunity you offer.

5. Bad mouthing other MLM companies

What good will bad-mouthing other network marketing companies do you? It won’t increase your sales or grow your MLM business.

Like making false claims, it will come back to bite you. And what’s worse, people will shy away from you, knowing that you’re not playing fair.

And nobody wants to do business with a network marketer who plays dirty.

Now that you know the deadly MLM mistakes, make sure that you don’t do them. Or, if you’re doing them, it’s best that you stop and do the exact opposite.

Remember, your network marketing business is counting on you.

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