Effective Ways To Make A Successful MLM Sale

Marketing1. Don’t hype your customer

Hyping your MLM customer just to make a sale will not get you anywhere.

These people are immune to the words “best” “most effective” “most affordable.”

They will just see right through you and will now that you’re just building up your product. If your product is really effective, you don’t have to butter it up and trick your customer to buy it.

2. Be sincere

Sincerity CANNOT be faked. No matter how good you act, if you’re not sincere to help your MLM customer, they will find it out. Your customer will see through your words and actions.

And there goes your sale—down the drain.  So be sincere and earn your customer’s trust and confidence. It will lead to a valuable relationship that can be very beneficial for your business.

3. Make your sale personal

Make every aspect of your approach as personal as possible. It should suit the needs and wants of your customer, not yours.

Doing so will increase your chances to win your customer’s approval and can also set you apart from the competition.

4. Be creative

Get creative! There are many ways to get your MLM customer’s attention without pestering them. Make use of the things that you can see in your prospect’s place: fax machine, telephone, mail box, and even personal visits.

Use them by combination and try to incorporate more creative ways to make it a more fun and innovative task.

5. Get to know your customer

Strike a casual and engaging conversation. Use the F.O.R.M method: Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Motivation.  This will not only relax them, it will also gain you insights on the important aspects of their life, what matters to them, and their goals and aspirations.

You can use this information to feel the gap and provide the help that they need.

6. Prepare an effective sales pitch

Prepare your MLM sales pitch before you leave the house. Remember all the things that you need in order to deliver an effective pitch that will impress your customer. Use a direct approach and try to be concise as possible.

Stuffing too much information can confuse your customer. Just relay the general idea and provide emphasis on the important aspects.

7. Follow up

If your customer can’t give you a straight answer, they might need some time before they accept your offer. So don’t push it.

Give them a week to think it through. You can always follow up through a phone call or by simply dropping by to ask personally. If they say “no,” respect that and move on to the next customer.

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