Finding MLM Partners Through Social Networking

Online social networking is the phenomenon these days. Not only is it a great way to meet new people and make friends with them, it also allows network marketers like us to generate MLM leads and build lasting partnership with them. This is the reason why I love using social networking sites. It serves as my bridge in reaching my market and my platform in training my downlines.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Gone were the days when the venue for a business opportunity and leaders’ meeting needs to be a physical place. Nowadays, you don’t need to leave the comforts of your home anymore. You can do webinars, Skype conferences and group chats to communicate with your MLM team and more. But let’s talk about that on another blog post.

Now aside from building great relationships with other people and allowing you to communicate with your downlines, social networking also lets you earn valuable connections. While traditional methods only lets you meet limited number of people at a time, social networking allows you to search through millions of different profiles. Finding this huge amount of leads may take a lot of years using conventional means, but through the sites mentioned below, it can be accomplished in months.


A micro-blogging site, Twitter allows users to connect with millions of other people by “following” them and being “followed back.” This alone makes Twitter an effective lead-generation machine for network marketers. Start by describing yourself in no more than 160 characters in your Twitter Bio. Put the important information: your occupation, the industry you’re in, etc. Place them in a hash tag. This will easily attract other users interested in your industry.

You can communicate with your followers through tweeting in which you’re only limited to using 140 characters to convey information. Be sure to use applications that will allow you to schedule tweets. This keeps your account active even when you’re not really logged in.


More than a social networking site for the internet junkies, Facebook is a great place to meet prospects. There, you can meet people sharing the same interests and leaders coming from different industries. So how do you communicate with these people?

You can do it in three ways: you create a personal profile and add them as friends, you can join groups with people belonging in your industry or you can make a Facebook business page and create a following from your prospective leads. But then again, why only choose one when you can do all of them? Just remember the golden rule while you’re at it: NO SPAMMING!


Looking for professionals to pitch your MLM business to? No worries! There’s LinkedIn for you. It’s a networking site for people with professional occupations – from freelancers, to entrepreneurs, to network marketers, to industry specialists, etc, etc. Through this site, you will be able to exchange ideas, share knowledge and promote your business opportunities to a broad network of professionals. So if you’re looking for fellow network marketing leaders to join you in your business, this is the right place for you.

Indeed, social networking sites make MLM a lot easier to carry out. Need new ideas in firing up your social media presence? Click here to learn more.