How to Improve Social Sharing on Your MLM Blog

So you thought you’ve had content sharing all figured out.

But your MLM blog doesn’t seem to pick the amount of traffic you need.

You know something has to be done.

You need to improve your blog’s social sharing to get the results you’ve always wanted. So how do you achieve that?

Create engaging content

Do you want your content to be shared? Then make it engaging. But more importantly, make it relevant and insightful.

Understand the type of content your readers and prospective leads want to read and something that they are most likely to share.

Ask yourself: what would my readers want to share with their internet friends?

Put social sharing buttons on your blog

Not having any social sharing buttons on your MLM blog is a big blunder. It will decrease your content’s chances of being seen and being shared in various social media sites.

If you don’t know how to put one, there are various social sharing plugins you can use that will automatically do the job for you. All you have to do is install it on your blog.

From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn to Pinterest, you’ll have all the social sharing buttons you need.

Use images on your blog posts

Want to draw more readers to your MLM blog? Then make use of images. It will make your content look more attractive and capture your readers and prospective leads’ attention at the same time.

It will make your content more visually appealing, therefore making it more shareable. What’s more a content without any image accompanying it looks bland and unappealing.

Make it easy to comment

Are you making it hard for your readers and prospective MLM leads to comment on your blog? Maybe you require them to log in? Or they need to put in passwords before they’ll be able to comment?

If that’s the case, stop right now. That’s not helping the social sharing aspect of your blog.

What you need to do is install a commenting plugin that your followers find easy to use. You can work with commentluv or Facebook comment system – whichever works better for you and your blog.

Indeed, social sharing is very important for blogs, especially MLM blogs. Not only will it help you gain visibility and traffic, it can also increase your credibility in the blogging community.

So go ahead and follow these tips and watch your blog traffic and visibility increase.

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