MLM Training: How to Find the Right Prospects

MLM-Training-How -to-Find-the-Right-Prospects“I am new to the industry, Edmund. Where can I get the right prospects for my MLM business?”

Getting prospects, qualifying them and converting them into leads is a skill. A skill that you need to master if you want to make it big in MLM. Many network marketers, especially the newbies, find it a little too frustrating and end up getting the wrong leads. Because of this, they resort to using useless techniques which do nothing but damage their MLM business.

And I can definitely relate to their problem. Before I understand how the business works and learn the key to network marketing success, I struggle to find leads, let alone get interested people to listen to me.

So how did I manage to turn my luck around? Here are some of the techniques that I used which you can also benefit from.

Know Your Market

Who is going to buy your product? Is there a current need or want for the product you offer but is not being met? Knowing what your market is, its needs and wants is the first step in finding the right prospects. How are you supposed to make fishing net if you don’t know what to fish for exactly? Go out there and get to know your market.

Know Your Competitors

Is your market already saturated by your competitors? If so, who are your competitors and how far are they in penetrating the market? This is also important. Knowing your competitors as well as their strengths and weaknesses will help you formulate a marketing strategy that will position you ahead of them.

Use Your Competitive Advantage

What is your competitive advantage over your competitors that will allow you to beat them? Are your competitors using modern ways or are they relying solely on traditional techniques? If your competitors are still trapped in traditional ways, then you clearly have an edge over them – internet marketing. Use the internet as your marketing platform to capture the interest of your market. Keep in mind that the internet is swarming with leads, unlimited leads! Don’t hesitate to tap into its potential.

Go social

Build an online presence: in social networking sites, in forums, and any other online communities where you think your potential prospects are hanging out. Create an impressive profile and show them what you got. Since you’ve already know who they are and what their needs are, it’s now time to appeal to them. Get to know them, earn their approval and gain their trust. Let them know that you’re there to provide solution and not just some network marketer who’s desperate to make a sale. Create a pitch that is compelling but not too salesy. Remember you only got a single shot to this. So make it right!

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