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Attraction Marketing 101: How to Get Prospects To Chase You

How do you fare with network marketing? Do you “fish” for your prospects using the right “fishing net?” Or do you “hunt” them down like a prey? Ever wonder why they seem to avoid you like a plague and run away from your offer no matter how irresistible it is? If that’s the case, then…

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5 Mistakes to Avoid in Downline Duplication

Hyping your prospects to join Sadly, this is one mistake most network marketers tend to do. Instead of providing truthful information, they hype the products and the company to get people join in their business. You’ll often hear these people say phrases like “get rich quick” or “the best money-making machine.” Let me tell you…

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3 Ways to Ask For Sale Referrals

When you’re still new to the business of selling and prospecting, you don’t have immediate leads at your disposal, let alone a team to leverage your efforts with. You’ll start from scratch and make use of the limited resources that you currently have. Don’t get discouraged. It’s a normal process in MLM. Now, if you…

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Finding MLM Partners Through Social Networking

Online social networking is the phenomenon these days. Not only is it a great way to meet new people and make friends with them, it also allows network marketers like us to generate MLM leads and build lasting partnership with them. This is the reason why I love using social networking sites. It serves as…

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MLM Training: How to Find the Right Prospects

“I am new to the industry, Edmund. Where can I get the right prospects for my MLM business?” Getting prospects, qualifying them and converting them into leads is a skill. A skill that you need to master if you want to make it big in MLM. Many network marketers, especially the newbies, find it a…

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