(survey) Are You A High Touch Or Low Touch Networker?

Yesterday, I did a short simple survey to my subscribers.

Below is the email which I sent out.



Can you identify which type of
networker are you?

High touch or low touch?

High touch – You are a person who
always use technology
to build your network
marketing business.

Low touch – You are a person who
know nuts about technology
but is good in prospecting
meeting face to face.

Let me know which type are you by
replying to this email.

You may ask, why I want to know?

Simple. I basically want to do a
short survey in my list to see
how many of you are in which category
so that I can prepare the next few
training to gear towards to.

Anyhow as some of my subscribers are
low touch type, and have requested
to learn how to do prospecting
using the low touch way…

Here’s how:


Talk soon,
Edmund Toh
“The KING Of Get Rich The Lazy Way”

P.S. Remember to hit reply to let me
know which type are you k?


After this email was sent out, today I checked my email, I got a few subscribers reply to me.

Here’s the reply.

High Touch Marketing Still Rules

You see… right now, in my list, I have more people who are in the “High Touch” Category who reply to my survey.

As the numbers of the replies are not enough for me to judge yet, I would like to invite those who have not participate in the survey to participate.

As I am going to prepare more useful MLM Training for you, I would like to know which type of the networker are you, so that I can cater the right MLM training for you.

Since “High Touch Marketing” is still winning, you can prove me wrong by facebook commenting which category are you in below.

‘High Touch’ or Low Touch’

Let’s do a round up before I start preparing for the next few MLM Training for you.

Start commenting now… before the High Touch Networkers wins~