The Don’ts In Pitching Your MLM Business

mistake fixOn your way to make your first MLM sales pitch?

I’m sure you’ve practiced your script countless of times.

But are you really ready to brave the big, bad world of MLM prospecting and sales?

Thought so. Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

Below are the common MLM don’ts you need to know before you start pitching your products to your prospects.

Forcing your MLM products

Here’s the thing. If your prospect is interested in buying your MLM products, they’ll grab it from the get-go.

If you’re lucky, you won’t even have to use your million dollar smile and the sales pitch you’ve been practicing in front of the mirror for hours on end just to make sale.

If they’re interested in doing business with you, they’ll openly express it. So when they say “NO,” learn to accept it and move on to your next prospect.

No use forcing your product on them.

Hyping your sales pitch

Nobody likes a hyper. I, myself, hate that type of network marketer. They ruin the credibility of the business and gives MLM a bad name.

So if you’re a hyper, please stop. It’s not a good practice and will only do your MLM business harm. You’ll see your prospects starting to run away from you because they know that you can’t be trusted to tell them about the real deal.

Sounding desperate to make a sale

Most potential customers will manage to see through you. You can’t fool them into thinking that you’re appealing to their needs.

One way or another, they’ll notice that you’re not really there to provide value to them. You’re just using them as a means to make a sale.

Not targeting the right prospects

Some network marketers, in their desperation to make a sale, commit the grave mistake of targeting the wrong market. The market which is not at all interested in what they have to offer.

Don’t be one of them. Choose the right market to cater to. The type of market which is already invested in your MLM business. Do that and watch your target market lining up in front of you waiting to be pitched.

Now that you know the don’ts in pitching your MLM business, you can now start making your sale. Don’t be intimidated by this list though. As long as you’re doing the right practice, you’re off to a good start.

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