The Ups and Downs of Social Media Marketing for MLM

Social media conceptSocial media has surely gained popularity over the years.

Almost every person on the face of the earth has internet access and spends time prowling social networking sites interacting with fellow netizens.

Network marketers have not overlooked this great opportunity to promote their MLM site or even find prospective leads.

In fact, just about every successful networker has social media to back him up and his success. Really, who doesn’t want to wield the power of social media in his hands?

Such is the fame of social media marketing among networkers that they have found several innovative ways to bring the business online and have found success in doing so.

With all the success stories influenced by some good social media marketing, what could possibly go wrong with a social networking campaign? Here’s a short list of the ups as well as the downs of social media marketing.


Inexpensive yet effective. You practically don’t have to spend a single dime more than usually do, if you already have an internet connection which you probably use for Facebook and all that stuff.

All you need to do is make a page or an account specifically for your business and voila! You get instant access to scores upon scores of people who just might turn out to be good prospective MLM leads.

Add to that the chance to send them personal messages and tag them in posts or things of that sort. Social media is basically a goldmine for networkers. 

Versatile. Using social media for your networking needs gives you control over which particular social media marketing technique to use. There’s Twitter and e-mail marketing, and even more.

These options allow you to determine which method suits your business best and will let you find prospective leads much easier. With social media marketing, there’s never a dull monotony to the things you do for your business.


It’s hard to get “noticed”. With a tide of posts in peoples’ respective news feeds, they’ll probably not notice your post as it passes. This makes it hard to actually make a lasting impact on the prospective leads you’re looking for.

Moreover, a lot of people dislike being reached out to when they’re using social media and going on with their personal lives.

As such, you’re personal messages might be deliberately ignored by some of your MLM leads.

Competition is stiff. And because just about every network marketer has got their sights on using social media marketing to its fullest, you can expect some very stiff competition.

Of course, this will be a challenge for you as you go on and try your best to use social media to your advantage.

No network marketing technique is ever perfect but social media marketing sure is close to being one of the best. Just work your way around its downsides and savor in all the goodness of its wonderful upsides.

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