Tips In MLM Prospecting And Recruiting

Job Search1. Walk in your prospects shoes

One way to get into your MLM prospect’s good graces is to genuinely connect with them.

How do yo do that? Take a walk in your prospect’s shoes and feel their needs.

See the opportunity you’re presenting from their perspective. This way you’ll be able to understand their needs and wants as well as whether they’ll find your products beneficial.

2. If your prospect is not interested, don’t push it

Nobody wants to be forced buying something they don’t want to buy, especially your MLM prospects. If you sense that no matter how good your presentation is but your audience is not even remotely interested, don’t shove the opportunity down their throat.

If they’re not interested, let them be. Keep in mind that when they say “NO,” they mean it.

Respect their decision and move on to your next prospect.

3. Mention your prospect’s name throughout the conversation

You know what your prospects would love to hear? The background of your MLM company? Not quite

Your amazing product line? Not even close. What they want to hear is you mentioning their name throughout the conversation.

That would keep their attention throughout your presentation and will most likely win you points.

So make sure you address them by their name when needed. Just don’t overdo it.

4. Don’t hype people into joining your MLM business

Remember that it’s not about the hype, but the hope. Instead of hyping your prospects into joining your MLM business and buying your products, create a hope in them.

Make them hope about having a healthy lifestyle and earning money at the same time. Make them hope for a brighter future, not for a get-rich quick kind of scheme.

Hyping your prospects will do your MLM business more harm than good. And it will surely hurt your reputation.

5. Nurture a relationship with your prospect

Don’t just follow up to know if your prospect is interested to sign up or not. Take the time to nurture a relationship with them too.

Build a relationship with them. If you want to convince them to join your downline organization, show them your support. Give them useful advice and tips that will eventually help them build their own business.

More importanty, do not see them as a means to an end. They’re not your meal ticket to MLM success.

Now that you’ve learned some useful techniques in MLM prospecting and recruiting, it’s time to go to the next step.

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