Increase Your Network Marketing Profits By 257% Without Any Extra Effort

When it comes to building a success network marketing business, most networkers just think about sponsoring as many downlines to their network marketing company as possible.

The bigger the network organization grows, the bigger your pay check is.

When you are in this business for long and have a very huge number of downlines, do you feel that you have come to a point that your income suddenly stagnant and can’t go up any more?

It’s not wrong to just focus on building and growing your network marketing business.

But do you know that you are actually leaving a boatloads of cash on the table?

You see… when some one joins you, they don’t just consume or use your network marketing company’s products. They need other products too.

Products such as self help books, mlm leads and tools, internet prospecting strategies guide, marketing and leadership workshops are essential tools to build a successful network marketing business.

These are tools which will help you to train your downlines to become a pro networkers without you having to train them personally.

Leveraging on these tools can give you more freedom to do more things that you like.

That is why I always like to promote tools to my organization to help them to build their business and I also encourage them to do the same.

Well, I’m going to show you exactly how you can maintain focus in your network marketing business and still create multiple sources of income, at the same time.

And the best part is… you can do this with just one page website and increase your overall profits effortlessly.

Instead of making $10,000 this month, you can make $25,700 (257% increase). An EXTRA $15,700 without doing anything more.

So how you can do it?

Simple. Just use a concept call “UPSELL”.

Yesterday I have shown you the concept of Get Rich The Lazy Way with the example of McDonalds.

You know what?

I will still continue using McDonalds as my case study today.

Did you recently visit McDonalds?

When you finish placing an order, just before you make payment, did the cashier ask you, do you want to upsize the fries and the drink just by paying an additional $1?

After finish, does the cashier ask you if you want to add an apple pie or sundae ice cream to go along?

If you can’t remember this sale process, just visit Mcdonalds again this weekend to learn how they market their business.

Let’s say each burger and drink set sold for $7.

10000 customer per day is $70,000 sales.

If just 40% of the customers do an upsize which cost $1 more. (4000 customers x $1 = $4000)

You see, instead of making $70,000 in a day, they can make $74000 just by adding an option for the customers to choose.

Imagine, they add more upsells, they will make even MORE Profits!

So for network marketing, there’s a solution to increase your profits effortlessly.

What I personally used is MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP).

Let’s see this screenshot of mine today.

Got a lead funnel into MyLeadSystemPro, then the lead joins me as my team member, then after that she purchase another product call Magnetic Sponsoring which is an Attraction Marketing course for networkers.

MLSP Commission Upsells

See how powerful the concept of “UPSELL” is?

It just bumped my commission to the next level without me having to do anything else.

I hope this Upsell System can help you to increase your network marketing profits just the way it help me increase mine…