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After making money online for so long…

Getting Bored?


Before I continue to elaborate more on this method, let me share with you the benefits.

  • Benefit #1: NO Internet Connection needed
  • Benefit #2: NO HTML or programming knowledge
  • Benefit #3:  NO FTP
  • Benefit #4:  NO Expensive Hosting Fees
  • Benefit #5: NO Payment Processor
  • Benefit #6: NO Overheads
  • Benefit #7: NO Technical Knowledge

Cool right?

Let me show you how…

This is a NEW Method which I discover when I’m traveling the northern side of Thailand. The exact place is Maesot, one of the villages in this province called Tak.

This new method is called,  “The Mang Mun Catching Technique”.

(*Definition of Mang Mun is Thailand Subterranean Ants (แมงมัน))

Before we execute this method, we need to execute in a group and need team work. And the place we are going is at the mountain area.

It’s dark and dangerous.

I have just reached the check point to wait for everyone to gather. While waiting do you know what I saw?

Fried Rat With Thailand Vodka

It’s fried rat with Thailand Vodka!

It is one of the delicacies that the Thais eat. So exotic! Want to try? 😀

Finally everyone has arrive and we need to find a very good spot where there’s a lot of Mang Mun.

Argh… baby python just glide pass us…

Little Snake Gilding Pass Us

Luckily we are all armed with the torch light if not the baby snake will be crushed by our feet.

Finally we have reached the location where we can execute this method.

Can you see there’s a lot of Mang Mun on the tree?

This is our target!

Thailand Subterranean Ants (แมงมัน) On Tree

We are now preparing for the catch!

Preparing for the catch

Let’s get started.

Pictures may not give you the full picture of what I have experienced.

Why not let the video do the talking?

By the way, the video is quite dark. We can’t have a lot of light because the mang mun is attracted to light.

If we have too much light, the mang mun will be distracted. We need to focus most of the light in the net so that the mang mun will fly right straight into the net.

You can see glimpse of how we catch the mang mun in the video.



Oh mine!

Bugs Attack!

Bugs Attack

We have finally caught the Mang Mun! See that? So many bugs being caught in the net.

Finally Caught The Mang Mun

Time to pack the Mang Mun for sale!

Packing The Mang Mun

Let’s zoom in to see how it look like.

Well Pack Mang Mun Zoom in

It’s so gross!

Time to head home!

Going Back Home

It’s late, so hungry now.

Time for supper!

Supper eat what?

Of course, the Mang Mun for supper!

We will eat a portion of the Mang Mun that we caught. The rest are for sale.

Finally we have reached home. Everyone is so excited and gather for supper!

Gathering For Bugs Supper

Let’s prepare for supper! We are now cleaning up the mang mun to fry.

Kid Dare To Catch Mang Mun
Even kid dare to catch this gross bug!

The Bugs Dish is finally cooked!

Time to eat! It’s my first time to taste bugs for supper. It taste better with sprinkle of salt. YUM YUM!

Edmund Toh Eat Mang Mun
Cool right…? Bugs for supper. Can’t imagine that people are eating bugs for snack. And people are paying to eat the bugs.

After looking at this “Mang Mun Catching Technique”, what do you think?

I have checked with the Locals there that they can sell the Mang Mun at $1500 THB (Thai Baht) per kg.

1500 THB = 48 USD.

And I have also checked that the average people in Thailand is making $8000 THB ($256 USD) per month.

So if they can catch 6 kg of Mang Mun, it basically is their whole month paycheck.

See how you can Make Money Onland instead of Online?

No internet connection needed! haha…

See how crazy it is that people are catching bugs to sell and how people are making money even WITHOUT an internet connection.

If you got a chance, try that.

It can literally increase your profits by diversifying your income stream. Online and Offline.

Seriously making money onland is tough, and it requires a lot of hard work, I still prefer making money online.


Let me explain.

I have been traveling in Thailand from 03 May 2012 to 13 May 2012. I did not touch my online business when I was traveling.

The only thing I did was checking my emails on my iPhone and posting photos on my facebook.

But you know what?

I still have money flowing into my bank account almost every single day.

See the screen shot below:

$1242.94 from my MLSP first commission paycheck. (The date shown 2nd May 2012 (E.S.T date). But in Singapore, it’s 03 May 2012 already. 🙂

MLSP First Commission

$861.84 from paypal (You can get other stream of income just by promoting MLSP)


$2104.78 just by promoting 1 program.

And by the way, this is just one of my income streams online.

See how profitable and relax you are if you have an online business?

Especially if you have a system which automate your selling and delivery of the products online for you even if you are traveling.

One such system available right now is MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP) which I highly endorse it and I personally use it too.

Since MLSP has gave me the lifestyle that I want, why not you?

Anyhow, hope you enjoy this blog post.

Talk soon.

See you at the top!

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