MyLeadSystemPro Leaderboard – 2nd Position Total Lead Increases In 7 days!

I finally see the light in MyLeadSystemPRO (MLSP).

I saw my name in the leaderboard!

Achieve the 2nd Position Total Lead Increases in 7 Day.


Achieve the 9th Position for the Total Leads Generated In 7 Days.

MLSP - Total Leads Generated In 7Days

Achieve the 11th position for the Total MLSP Member Signup Increase In 7 Days

MLSP - Total Member Signup Increase In 7Days

For the Total MLSP Member Signups, I did not achieve anything, but I’m not surprise as I’m just 10 days in MyLeadSystemPRO (MLSP) business. I’m aiming to be on the leaderboard real soon.

MLSP - Total Member SignUpSo what does these stats mean?

Let me explain…

MyLeadSystemPRO (MLSP) formerly known as MLMLeadSystemPRO has been around quite a while since year 2008. Since then, this system has generated hundreds of thousands members from around the world.

The leaderboard shows a global stats. This means that you are completing with other members worldwide.

This leaderboard shows how competent you are when building your MLSP business.

So what if you are in the leaderboard?

Do you think that the person who can appear on the leaderboard is doing something right?

Do you think that he/she has the power ability to help you to achieve the same results as he/she has?

Do you think that he/she has the power to lead and teach you to make a living on the internet?

So if I’m in… what do you think? 😛

Actually I not here to brag or showing off. But I want to brag and show upon you that one key element that has help me and I believe that it will help you in your internet business.

The key element that has helped me to achieve this result in the last 7 days is FOCUS.

During these 7 days, I just focus on 1 program and 1 traffic strategy that was taught in the MyLeadSystemPRO member’s area.

I keep on doing until I’m good at it. After I’m good at it, I will focus on making myself as an expert in this traffic strategy. After that, I will bring it to the next level…


Automation is the key to FREEDOM.

Do you like freedom?

For me, I love it and I breathe, eat, drink and sleep this belief.

That why…

My motto is “Get Rich The Lazy Way”.

What ever traffic strategy I learnt, I will automate the process before I move on to apply another traffic strategy.

This is what I call, LASER FOCUS.

If you really want to succeed in your network marketing business or any other things in life, make sure you stay laser focus.

Wish you all the best.


Oh ya… before I go, remember to comment and let me know what you think.