Why Network Marketing Isn’t Dead

Knock your head against the wall if you are delusional enough to believe what the morons are bad-mouthing about network marketing these days.

I’ll tell you why network marketing isn’t dead.

Instead it’s GROWING.

Let’s analyze some fact.

At this current situation, most industries and companies world wide are down sizing.


Because of the unpredictable economics these days and computers are getting smarter that they are capable of taking over your job.

Think about the iRobot movie.


In year 2008, Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest investment bank in USA declared bankrupt in year 2008.

If you still remember, at that time, so many people lost their career which they use blood and sweat to build for the last 10 to 20 years, disappear overnight.

If you are not one of the victims, I’m happy for you.

If you are one of them.

I won’t sympathies you because you did not build your backup plan when times are good.

You are just hoping that the job can give you the money, the stability  and  the things you want in life.

You deserve it. 🙂

Anyhow, there’s something interesting thing happen during this period of financial crisis.

The network marketing industry is BOOMING like crazy.

You can see every one is talking about it.

Do you have the experience that in one day, there are 3 of your buddies are talking to you about business opportunities and asking you to join and suddenly you see a number that you don’t recognized, called you on your phone too?

He’s the long lost friend who did not contact you for years.

Seriously network marketing is the only industries which you are able to start with little money down and has the best business model to give you a long term stable financial freedom if you are building it right.

Today, year 2012 is different.

Network marketing is more and more competitive as it’s growing rapidly.

The networkers out there in the market is in millions.

Do you think it’s harder to enter this industries if you are a newbie?

And if you say you are able to make it, do you have the skill to sponsor new downlines?

Skills such as leadership, speech presentation, persuasion are essential to build a successful network marketing business.

Even if you already have these skills mention, do you have red hot prospects to talk to?

I have the trouble making network marketing work in the past until I discovered this interesting and effective prospecting system.

The best part is…

I am leveraging the Internet to build the my business world wide.

Because of this prospecting system…

~ I don’t have to make a single cold-call.

~ I don’t have to hassle my friends, family and neighbors.

~ I don’t have to do offline opportunity meetings.

~ I don’t need to buy expensive genealogy lists and prospect them one by one.

The only thing I get is flooded with red hot laser targeted prospects with their credit card in hand ready to join what I have to offer.

Cool right?

Don’t you want to have the system like this to create your backup plan, just in case there’s another financial crisis strike?

Hope my message is clear today.


You deserve a better life!


Good luck and see you at the top.