Recession – Are You Ready For The Next Hit?

Recession – Are You Ready For The Next Hit?Recently, I have read many articles online that recession is near.

I don’t know if that is true…


If you follow the trend…

We may be on the high side of the possibility of a upcoming recession.

It’s only the matter of time that the recession breaks out.

What if… another contagious virus outbreak (SAR) that hit globally?

What if… another 911?
(*hint: Airline MH370 disappeared without any trace or hard evidence)

What if… Stock market crash again?

Are you ready to face these yet?

Are you saving enough in your bank to survive the next financial crisis?

Probably you might want to take a look at your bank account to do a financial check.

Or what if you have already saved up, does this saving enough for your family’s daily needs?

Is it enough to last for the next 1 to 2 years?

Here’s the facts.

From the last financial crisis, companies are trying to save cost.

Hence, they have to sack their employees to save cost.

Many people are losing their jobs.

Some even borrow money from loan shark just to pay off debts as banks can’t loan them money.

Families are not happy and quarreling over money.

Some companies even closed down as the customers are not buying their products.

Business owners still have to pay rent, overheads, stocks and salaries even if they are earning money or not.

You see…

Not only employees are at risk.

Self Employed and Business Owners are at risk too!

The question is…

Are you READY and have a backup plan yet?

If no…

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